What is Seo, Can i Learn Seo on My Own?

Seo consists of the initials of the words “Search Engine Optimization”. In short, it can be defined as the arrangement and preparation of the website within the scope of the algorithms of the search engines. SEO is a whole. All internal and external work done in order to increase the authority of the website in all search engines is defined as SEO. If you are also interested in SEO, if you want to improve the rankings of your website, both this article and all my articles in the SEO category on my page will be a guide for you.

I have been dealing with SEO for about 10 years. I started this job as an article writer. Over time, I developed myself and opened my own websites. Website SEO is a process and not something to be learned right away. It takes time and effort. Here I will share my experience with you. If you are interested in SEO, these experiences and techniques I share will make your SEO learning process easier. For this reason, I recommend that you take a look at not only this content, but also other SEO-related content on my page.

What is seo marketing?

As I mentioned in the introductory part of my article, SEO optimization can be defined as the whole process that includes technical work, backlink work, social media work, paid advertising work to increase the search visibility of the website to increase the rankings in search engines organically. Same way, Google seo can be defined as the work done to increase the ranking of the website in the Google search engine.

Types of SEO

There are 4 generally accepted types of SEO.

  1. On-page SEO: It is SEO that forms the technical infrastructure of our website. The theme of our site, the plugins used, the content and briefly all the content on our website constitute the On-page SEO section.
  2. Off-Page Seo: All work done outside of our website is defined as Off-Page SEO work. Off-page SEO generally includes: backlinks, social media marketing and authority building studies.
  3. Technical SEO: The work done in the infrastructure of the site is defined as Technical SEO work. Theme and plugin optimization, removing unnecessary codes, making the site open faster are among the parts of technical seo work.
  4. Local Seo: The studies carried out in order to increase the visibility of the businesses that physically serve in a certain region and geographical area in search engines are defined as Local SEO studies.

How to do SEO?

The priority in SEO work is the technical part of the website. A building with an unsound foundation carries the risk of collapse in the slightest earthquake. For this reason, the first and most important criterion in the SEO process is the technical structure of the website.

This is also defined as “On page SEO”. When you set up your building on solid foundations, it will be resistant to high earthquakes. Therefore, the technical structure of your website should be seamless. You should care about the user experience. Your website should open fast and the user should be able to navigate your website comfortably and find what they are looking for. A technically unsound website will always lag behind in the rankings.

The second most important part of SEO after technique, in my opinion, is website content. If you are a blog site, you should produce original and user-satisfying content. Especially with artificial intelligence such as Chatgpt, the content of the articles disappears over time. That’s why you need to produce unique and satisfying content for your visitors, starting with the motto “Content is King”.

For a website, “Off page SEO” is as important as “On Page SEO”. After technically preparing our site for all external factors and making the content of our site suitable, we should start external seo studies. External SEO works include: backlink, social media studies, advertising, increasing authority.

Quality backlinks that will come to our website, especially organically, will make our site rise in search engines in the long run. The backlinks we will get from websites related to our own industry will enable our website to rise in search engines in the long run.

How to learn SEO?

how to do seo

SEO is a process and takes time to learn. It’s not something you can learn tomorrow when you start today. Also, no one can say that I know 100% of SEO because that is not possible. You have many options for learning SEO. Trainings, Youtube videos, written content, E-Books are among the resources you can use.

On my own site, I give information about training, step-by-step web site creation, especially for those who will just start SEO. You can take a look at my experience from related content by browsing the SEO category of my site. Based on my experience to learn SEO, I can say the following;

  • First of all, improve yourself in article writing. If you are going to make your own website, you need to improve yourself in article writing and grammar. The paid articles are useless.
  • Technical information is not very necessary. You can set up your own site with ready-made infrastructures, themes and plugins. But I suggest you at least check out Youtube videos on basic usage of software like WordPress.
  • If you are interested in SEO, take the step after receiving the trainings. You learn by trying. By doing wrong, you learn the right. You can ask me what you think in the comment section.

What is SEO writing?

SEO compatible writing is among the most important ranking criteria of search engines. No matter how good the technical structure of the site is, if your content is not SEO compatible and most importantly, if it does not meet the expectations of the site visitor, it will be difficult for you to rank in search engines. For this reason, it is necessary to write the content in accordance with SEO, pay attention to the title tags such as H1, H2, and support it with images and videos. You can find information on how to write SEO compatible content in the SEO section.

Free seo tools

In the SEO process, it is necessary to analyze both your own site and competitor sites. Tools are needed to do SEO analysis. There are many SEO tools that provide paid services, as well as tools that you can use for free. Here are the best tools for SEO analysis that you can use for free:

  • Google Search Console,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Trends,
  • Google Keyword Planner,
  • Ahrefs ( You can use backlink and keyword tools for free),
  • GTmetrix,
  • Google Pagespeed İnsights.

Is seo difficult?

SEO is quite difficult in today’s conditions. Competition is quite high. It has become quite difficult to get a good ranking on Google, with a new website. Therefore, in order to rank with a non-authoritarian website, your SEO knowledge must be at a very good level.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Yes, by improving yourself in this area, you can manage all the SEO processes of your site yourself, without the need for anyone.

Can I learn SEO without coding?

Yes, you can do SEO without coding knowledge. I don’t have much coding knowledge, but I manage all the SEO processes of this site.

Is SEO hard to learn?

It is not difficult, but it is a long process. If you want an SEO teacher, you have to be patient and research constantly.

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