Trending Products for Ecommerce 2024 & Best for Beginners

Are you considering stepping into e-commerce and are you looking for top trending products? Or are you selling in e-commerce and looking for new trending products with high sales potential? Then you are in the right place. In this content, I will share a list of trending products for e-commerce. With these trending products to sell in 2024, you can start T-commerce one step ahead of your competitors.

How to find trending products?

Competition in e-commerce is not the same as before and it is quite high. One of the most important elements of e-commerce is to sell the right product. I took my first step in e-commerce with dropshipping. I made sales in the category of practical household appliances. This category is the category with the highest sales, but the competition is also quite high. Since I stepped into e-commerce with niche most trending products with less competition, I received 2 orders from the first day.

For this reason, if you are looking for trending products to sell online, you should pay attention to the following while researching products.

  • Concentrate on products with little competition.
  • Search for specific niche products in subcategories rather than general categories.
  • Niche products are products for which there is less competition and are sold by fewer vendors.
  • When researching an item, also look at the prices of other sellers selling the same item. Research if you can compete and do a price analysis.
  • See if you can supply the product at lower costs.
  • Best-selling products are those that are already highly competitive. For this reason, look for products that are sold less but with less competition.
  • Follow trends and new products. Trending products are products that are new to the market and are usually sold by fewer vendors. Sellers who are the first to start selling a trendy product that has just hit the market are the most advantageous.
  • I am sharing the trending products right now list with you below. I hope these products will give you advantages in your e-commerce life.

Trending products to sell

Trending products change periodically but are generally the same. The categories with the highest sales in each country are more or less the same. Here is a list of recommendations for trending products online;

  • Practical household appliances: This category is one of the most product sold sub-categories. Practical kitchen tools, hand blenders, cutting boards, cutlery and personalized utensils are among the bestsellers. Developing and selling personalized designs in this category may be an advantageous start for you.
  • Custom phone cases: Selling in the phone cases category is tough and competition is high. However, the competition is lower in custom developed phone cases and the sales rate is quite high. You can get serious sales with the phone cases you will sell by offering design options to your buyers. For example, sending a photo of a special day by printing on phone cases can be defined as a trend product.
  • Work from home products: Nowadays, companies prefer to work from home system. Most online services are provided by the work-from-home method. You can provide advantageous entry to e-commerce by selling products that will facilitate the work of those working from home. In this area, specially designed seats, easy-to-use keyboards and mouses, arm and wrist support products, headphones can be given as examples.
  • Custom designs: Personalized designs are among the best-selling products, especially on Etsy. Although personalized designs are sold a lot in other online marketplaces, Etsy is more advantageous in this regard. Specially designed glasses, T-shirts, mugs and gift items are among the top selling categories of e-commerce.
  • Smart watches: Smart watches will continue to be among the most popular products of e-commerce both today and in the future. Instead of general brands with high competition, you can sell more affordable products on your e-commerce site or Instagram.
  • Pet care products: Pet products are among the most sold products in e-commerce. You can sell not all pet products, but the sub-category of care products. For example, nail clippers and protective products, hair collectors, grooming brushes can be given as examples.
  • Bluetooth headphones: Bluetooth headphones are among the most trending products of today. I think it will be among the best-selling products in the technology category in the future. You can sell and compete with your competitors by supplying more conveniently from platforms such as Alibaba.
  • Care products for electric cars: The demand for electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Considering that gasoline and diesel vehicles will be banned in most countries in the future, I recommend you to take your place in e-commerce for maintenance products of electric vehicles. Spare parts for batteries and accessories suitable for vehicles can be recommended among the products you can choose.
  • Party materials: Party supplies have a substantial sales volume in e-commerce. You can enter e-commerce with products to be sold in packages for parties organized on birthdays and special days. For example, you prepare a birthday package for a 5 year old. You can also send candles, decorations, balloons.
  • Collagens: Collagens are among the best-selling products in the category of personal care products. By contracting with a brand, you can get serious turnover by selling their products in e-commerce.

Trending products on Amazon

Competing on Amazon is not as easy as it seems. But it’s not impossible either. I have purchased many tutorials about Amazon but I can say that they all talk about the same thing. The basic rule of being able to sell is to find the right and competitive products. Because the number of sellers on Amazon is more than any other marketplace. For this reason, I recommend you to pay attention to the following in order to sell on Amazon;

  • First, take a look at the Amazon trending products list related to the category you want to sell on Amazon. There are many sites and applications on the internet that you can use for this. You can also get help from them while doing research.
  • Focus on niche products that are suitable for you from the top “trending products on Amazon” list and that you can not find difficult to supply.
  • Find more niche products among these products and research about them. Gather information such as the monthly sales volume of these products, the profile of the sellers, the lowest prices.
  • Get a price quote from the suppliers for these products you have identified. After you factor in Amazon’s commission, taxes, shipping costs, see if you can compete with the lowest bidder on this item. If there are products that you think can compete in this way, you can open an account on Amazon, list your product and start selling.

Aliexpress trending products

Aliexpress is one of the most challenging marketplaces for competition. The reason is that Chinese suppliers are selling directly on this platform. Aliexpress may not be a suitable option to start e-commerce, as most of the sellers are suppliers or sellers who have an affordable price agreement with the suppliers. However, if you still want to sell on Aliexpress;

  • If you can, find the best price for the product you want to sell.
  • Add all expenses to the purchase cost of the product.
  • After the expenses are added, if you think you can compete in this product, you can start selling by opening a store on Aliexpress.
  • Aliexpress top selling products are the same as the above products.

Ebay trending products

E-bay is one of the E-commerce marketplaces with the largest sales volume in the world. If you want to sell on e-bay, you should focus on niche products that you can compete with, average sales volume, and low number of sellers. The list I mentioned in the trend products section above is also valid for E-bay.

Trending products for dropshipping

Dropshipping is the easiest and fastest way to step into E-commerce. The fact that it does not require capital and that the sales process is managed by the supplier is among the prominent advantages of the system. If you are looking for how to find trending products for dropshipping, then I suggest you consider the following suggestions;

  • The products I shared in the list above are valid for Dropshipping.
  • Concentrate on more niche products in subcategories rather than general categories.
  • It is important that the supplier you have contracted for dropshipping does not make you a victim and sends the products on time.
  • Therefore, do your research about the supplier well when negotiating with the supplier.
  • For more detailed information about what the dropshipping system is, dropshipping trending products and the system, you can visit our What is dropshipping, how to do page.

America’s best-selling products

The most product sold categories of e-commerce in America are;

  • Computers,
  • Clothing products,
  • Smart watches,
  • Headphones,
  • Personal care products,
  • Pet products,
  • Exercise equipment,
  • Toys,
  • Books ,
  • Cooking utensils,
  • Furniture.

Best selling products in Europe

Europe is one of the most important markets to start selling in e-commerce. Because prices are higher in this market than in other markets. You can sell in the European market by supplying reasonable prices from countries such as China. You don’t have to live in Europe for this. You can make sales to Europe through sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, by agreeing with companies that provide Dropshipping services in China. The trending products in Europe are also the products in the above list.

Best-selling products in the world

The most sold products in the e-commerce category all over the world are;

  • Smart phones,
  • smart watches,
  • mobile phone accessories,
  • game consoles,
  • Computers,
  • headphones,
  • Home and decoration products,
  • sports equipment,
  • Personal care products.
What products are in most demand right now?

Smart watches, practical household appliances, car and phone accessories, pet products are among the best-selling products.

How do I find trendy products?

There are many research methods. You can do product research by listing in the best-selling products category of e-commerce sites or through sites and applications that allow querying.

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