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Seo Content Writing is among the most important criteria for search engine ranking. SEO is a huge cake and content has the most important share in this cake. No matter how good your website is technically, if you do not provide useful content to your visitors, your website will not rise in rankings and your site authority will not increase. Therefore, SEO writing is one of the most important criteria.

I have been dealing with SEO for about 10 years. If you are also interested in SEO and want to increase your website in the rankings organically, I recommend you to take a look at the contents in my SEO category. In this content, I will share with you my own experience on how to write for seo. By applying the writing content with seo techniques that I will share with you based on my experience, you can increase your website organically without any backlink work. In the continuation of the content, you will find all the details on how to write content for seo and what is seo writing.

What is seo content writing?

SEO blog writing can be defined as optimizing website content for both visitors and search engines.

How to write seo content?

Content writing for seo is an important criterion for search engine ranking. Google defines content as “Content is King”. If your website is technically sound, with good content, you can bring your website to good rankings in the medium to long term. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to write seo articles, I suggest you apply what I have explained in the list below. These are definitely techniques that I have used and have been successful with.

1. Pay attention to the spelling rules

Google algorithm has improved so much that even typos in the content have become a ranking criterion. For this reason, it is important to master the grammar of the language in which you write an article and to pay attention to the spelling rules.

2.Write content for the visitor, not the search engines

If you write content to rank in search engines, you probably won’t rank well in search engines and you won’t have organic traffic. Write your content for your website visitors. When the visitor visits your content, he should be convinced that he can find what he is looking for in your content and should not leave the page as soon as he enters the content.

If the visitor immediately exits when they visit your content, if they don’t need to read it, your website will drop down in the search engine rankings. For this reason, write your content based on the search intent and try to explain all the information about the subject in your content without getting into the crowd of words that will not bore the visitor.

3.Write compelling article entries and titles

The title of your article is your site’s showcase in search engines. Impressive and click-inducing headlines will increase the click-through rate of your website. This will allow you to rise in the rankings. See how I wrote the title in this content Seo Content Writing & Get On The First Page Of Google”. My keyword is at the beginning of the content. This is something we must do. The phrase “Get On The First Page Of Google”, which I use in addition to the keyword, are the words I use to encourage clicks. You should make your titles as in the example, with your keyword first.

İntroduction of your article is as important as the title you use for the article. When the visitor enters the article, he first reads the introduction. When you write an impressive article entry, the visitor will not leave your website and will continue to read the rest of the article. This will increase the length of time visitors stay on your website. For SEO, the time visitors stay on the website and interaction are among the most important ranking criteria.

When the visitor reads the introduction part of the article, he should be convinced that he can find what he is looking for in the rest of the article. Let the introduction be short and summarize your article qualitatively. I recommend using your keyword in the introductory paragraph of the article.

4. Do not stuff your article with keywords

Never forget this. Google and other search engines are now smarter than us. Therefore, do not stuff your article with keywords that will not be organic. This is a spam cause and when detected, your site may Sandbox. Therefore, do not force yourself to use keywords in the paragraph. Write natural, candid content. It is enough for the visitor to find what he is looking for, not to leave your site and search other sites again. I think this is the most important element.

5. Do keyword research and competitor analysis

If you produce the same content as everyone else, it will probably be harder to rank. For this reason, you need to produce better content than the content produced by your competitors, and use all relevant searches related to keywords as sub-titles in the content. For this reason, before starting a content, I recommend you to find the relevant searches for your keyword from the following Keyword tools, export them to an excel file, and use them both in the content and as a subtitle.

Here are the methods that I also use and recommend to you for keyword research. I use the same tools while writing seo friendly content myself.

  • Semrush: The most important tool I use for seo content creation is Semrush. It’s not free, but I highly recommend using it. Thanks to Semrush, I can see other searches and questions related to my keywords, and I can see which keywords my competitors are ranking for with the same content. I’ll write a detailed post later on how you can do keyword research from Semrush.
  • Google keyword planner: This service offered by Google is completely free. Your keyword’s monthly search volume is an application where you can research related searches for free.
  • Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator Tool: Ahrefs ranks #1 among the best SEO tools in my opinion. Pro versions are a bit expensive, but if you can get it, I recommend you to upgrade to the paid version. Ahrefs provides the Free Keyword Generator Tool for free, albeit limited. You can query the search variations related to your keywords for free by visiting the Free Keyword Generator Tool page.
  • Google related searches and questions: Search Google for your keyword. At the bottom of the search page, you will also see current related searches related to your keyword. These are the most important and I definitely recommend using them in your content or as a subheading. In addition, I recommend that you use the questions about your keyword in the “Users also asked this” section as “FAQ” in your content.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends is a free application where you can browse current search trends related to your keyword. While writing content, I recommend you to use the last 1 month trend searches related to your keyword from Google Trends.

6.Focus on the quality of the content, not the length

Everyone focuses on the fact that the content should be of a certain length, at least 1000 words or 1500-2000 words. However, I absolutely do not believe this. I can rank 1st in Google with content of 300 words. It is important that the content meets the search intent of the visitor rather than the length of the content. There is no point in filling the content with unnecessary expressions just because I will write articles of 1500-2000 words. When you give the visitor what they want, your content will already be rated as the most valuable content. Therefore, produce quality content, not long content.

7.Don’t use artificial intelligence ( AI)

Recently, especially content producers have started to use artificial intelligence such as Chatgpt intensively. However, in my opinion this is not true. Although the content seems to rank well at first, search engines can now detect which content is produced with artificial intelligence. Your site is falling apart in the first major update.

I produced content on a niche website with Chatgpt. Although I wrote some parts of the content myself, the result in the first update was as follows.

As you can see in the image above, the organic hits and impressions of the site have completely disappeared. Do you know what the reason is? Content produced with Chatgpt. For this reason, writing your content yourself and being original continues to be among the indispensables of SEO.

8.Use subheadings in your content

Create the main title of your content using the H1, subheadings H2, H3, and H4 tags. Pay attention to hierarchy in titles. Use only one H1 title tag in each of your content and use your keyword in the title.

9.Use images and videos in your content

According to the SEO writing guidelines, you must use at least 2 images and a video relevant to the topic in your content. You don’t have to create the video yourself. You can add one of the related videos on Youtube to your content. Do not take the images from the internet as they are. Resize it and write on it. When you add the image as it is, you may have problems with the rankings because it is not original.

10.Use Webp in image format

This is in my opinion the best seo recommendation I can give you, especially regarding visual content. Using the Webp format, which is also supported by Google, will make the images load faster and will not put additional load on your site.

11. Use alt tags on images

Search engines understand what your images are about from image alt tags and image texts. For this reason, determine the alt tag and text of each image you add to include its keywords.

12.Use internal and external links

Use Internal link to other content related to your content. This will not only allow search engine bots to spend more time on your site, but also ensure that your visitors stay on the site and visit your relevant search. When linked contents are clicked by your visitors, these contents also increase in the ranking.

External linking is as important as internal linking to related content on your site. External links to content-related authoritative websites like Wikipedia will help search engines understand what your content is relevant to. Therefore, use at least one external link in your content.

Best practices for seo content writing

At the top of the content, I shared the most important things about seo article writing with you. When you pay attention to these, your website will come to a good place in search engines in the long run, if not in the short term.

How to be a seo content writer?

I tried to write what it takes to be an expert in the tips for seo content writing article above. This is a process and writing SEO compatible articles requires experience. For this reason, constantly producing original articles by paying attention to the above will make you an SEO compatible article expert over time. Knowing about SEO will also make your job easier for SEO compatible content. You can have all the information about SEO by visiting our content titled What is seo, how to do.

ChatGPT SEO writing

ChatGPT is one of the important tools you can use for “on page seo content writing”. However, it is a bit difficult to produce original content with Chatgpt. Yes, it generally produces useful content for the user, but since it produces the same content for everyone, the risk of spam increases. For this reason, I recommend you to use Chatgpt as an assistant in the “on-page SEO content writing” process.

How do I start content writing with SEO?

First of all, I suggest you start with freelance jobs. By subscribing to Freelance job posting sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or webmaster forums, you can bid on article requests and get jobs from them. To begin with, you can start your article writing journey by signing up with a few websites.

Do content writers need SEO?

Yes, article writing is not just about writing.For this reason, it is necessary to at least master the basic rules of seo to become an expert article writer.

What is content writer for SEO?

They are people who produce content in accordance with search engine algorithms and prioritizing user experience.

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