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Selling Crafts Online is one of the best ways to make money. If you have handicrafts talent, you can also sell your own products online and earn additional income. If you are looking for the answer to the question of can you make money selling crafts, then you are at the right place. In this content, I will share with you all my experience and knowledge about making money with crafts.

How to start selling crafts online?

If you are thinking of selling Crafts online, the first thing you should ask yourself is: am I skilled in this business and can I continually produce these crafts? If your answer to these questions is yes and you really think that your handmade products can be sold, then continue your journey and follow the steps below. I explained step by step all the way you need to follow for How to make money selling crafts.

1.Produce quality products

In handmade products, it is one of the most important elements that the product has an attractive beauty and at the same time its quality. Quality is essential for handmade products. You may not be able to continue on your way after a few steps with the products you will sell of poor quality.

2.Decide on which platform to market your products

After preparing your products, you need to decide on the sales platform. For a start, I suggest you start by producing fewer products. If there is a sale, you can proceed to mass production. Choosing the right platform is important. If you don’t choose the right platform at the beginning, you may not be able to sell. This may cause you to lose motivation. In the continuation of the content, I have listed the best platforms for you to sell.

3. Take professional photos of your products

Images are one of the most important elements of sales. Unsightly visuals can negatively affect your sales performance. For this reason, I recommend you to take professional shots for your photos in a studio environment. If you do not have the means, you can take professional shots at home by purchasing white curtains and lights sold for photography on the Internet.

4. List your products on the platform of your choice

After preparing the images of your products, list them on the platform you choose. I recommend you to pay attention to the following while listing your products. These are the things that will increase your sales, and I have personally experienced all this with my clients.

  • Include at least 4 photos for each product. Add a video if you can.
  • Write your product descriptions clearly and simply. Make explanations as lists. I know that the long and complex product descriptions are not read by the buyers and they are passing to another product without making a purchase.
  • Create an FAQ page for your products. Include all frequently asked questions from buyers at the bottom of the description page. This will also save you time.

5. Promote your products

Advertising and brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of increasing sales volume. After you choose the platform you want to sell and list your products, you can advertise your products to the advertising agencies suitable for the platform and thus you will have the opportunity to reach more customers. You can use companies such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads for advertisements.

Best website for selling crafts

I have shared the best sites for selling crafts below for you. If you ask me, I recommend using Instagram to start. After reaching a certain audience on Instagram, you can start selling by opening a store in other virtual marketplaces.


The best platform for beginners is Instagram in my opinion. If you are going to step into e-commerce for the first time and sell online, you can start by opening a store on Instagram. You can increase the number of your followers with activities such as raffles and gifts. You can automatically manage the entire process by integrating with payment systems.


Etsy is the E-commerce virtual marketplace where crafts and handmade products are the most popular and sold both regionally and globally. I think it’s by far the best. ETSY is your first and best option to start selling crafts and handmade goods in a virtual marketplace. In any case, ETSY does not allow the sale of products other than handmade products. In other words, the sale of products bought and sold ready-made from the market is not allowed. By opening a store on ETSY, you can list your products and start selling immediately.

3.Amazon Handmade ( Selling crafts on Amazon)

My second recommendation for handmade and crafts would be “Amazon Handmade”. You can easily list your products by opening a store on Amazon, one of the largest marketplaces in the world, and you can get your share of this big cake.

4. Selling crafts on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a social media marketplace where you can list and sell your products for free. Here you can mostly sell to your customers around you. You can also use Facebook Ads to reach wider customer bases.


Shopify is one of the easy-to-use marketplaces where you can easily create an E-commerce site, open a store, list your products and sell them. It is a platform that can be preferred by those who want to sell handmade and crafts.


Ebay is one of the websites with the largest sales volume globally. By opening your store, you can list your products and start selling immediately.

Selling crafts online for free

My readers have been asking me this question a lot lately: Where can i sell my crafts online for free? There are many platforms where you can sell crafts for free. Instagram and Facebook Marketplace are the two main platforms you can choose to sell crafts. Marketplaces such as Etsy are also platforms where you can open a store for free. These platforms do not charge you for opening a store.

Selling crafts from home

Selling Crafts is a business that can be done at home. You can easily sell handmade products that you produce at home with your own means by following the steps I mentioned in this content. I have listed above the best websites you can use to sell crafts. You can also sell by choosing one of these and working from home.

Selling crafts as a hobby

Selling crafts is a job you can do as a hobby. You can make and sell handmade products as a hobby in an area you love, and at the same time earn additional income.

Best selling crafts 2024

The best-selling crafts in 2024 may vary from region to region. However, in general, the trends are similar in each country. Here is the list of top selling crafts for 2024.

1.Personalized designs

Custom made jewellery, t-shirts, glasses, mugs, towels, and items made of wood can be given as examples.

2.Macrame Products

Items such as bracelets, flower pots, and wall hangings made of macrame are among the products that I can show as examples in this category.

3.Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelery is a product with a very high sales volume. In order to compete in this field, your designs must be strong and you must be able to produce personalized products.

4. Handmade soaps

As the amount of chemicals and carcinogenic substances in products increases, the interest in natural products increases day by day. For this reason, organic soaps and cosmetic products are highly preferred in e-commerce. You can also produce your own organic soap or cosmetic products at home and sell them online.

5.Handmade clothes

Especially clothing products made from organic threads or silk are among the prominent products of E-commerce. Sweaters, gloves, shawls and scarves can be given as examples for this group.

6.Customized gift products

You can earn high income by designing and selling products specifically for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries or graduations.

Selling crafts at farmers market

Selling handmade items online is an option, but farmers markets may be a better option. Farmers’ markets are among the places frequented by local people and tourists, and you can reach buyers directly in these markets. You can earn money by selling your handmade products in the markets. This does not prevent you from doing your business online. You can go on sale both at farmers’ markets and online.

Best selling crafts on Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular platforms for selling handmade products. You can see the best-selling products on Etsy by visiting the website and filtering them as “bestsellers” yourself. According to my analysis, the top selling crafts on Etsy are;

  • Jewelry products such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings designed specifically for the person.
  • Tablecloths, vases, pillows and wall hangings specially produced for use in home decoration.
  • Wooden toys, drawer organizers, cutting boards and personalized frames.
  • Baby clothes, bags, pillows, etc. which are in the sewing group and produced specially for individuals.
  • Products in the group of invitations, agendas, diary books, etc. produced specially for the person.

How to sell crafts locally?

If you are aiming for local sales instead of online platforms, then you need to sell in street markets. Street markets are the best places to sell handmade products directly to buyers. Additionally, if you have the opportunity, you can open a small store in densely populated areas of the region you live in. In addition, you can advertise on Facebook or Instagram by targeting only your region and reach buyers this way.

Selling crafts online legally

Make money selling crafts online is a business that must be done with permission in some regions. While some countries do not demand taxes for sales up to a certain amount, especially to encourage online sales by housewives, some countries do not have such a practice. For this reason, I recommend that you do a good research and be informed about legal permissions based on the region you live in.

How to sell homemade products legally?

After obtaining the necessary legal permissions, you can sell on social media platforms and virtual marketplaces. I have shared a list of the best platforms to sell with you above. I hope this handmade product selling websites list will help you.

How to sell crafts on Instagram?

Instagram is among the best platforms to reach the buyer directly. Opening a store on Instagram is easy. Therefore, in order to sell your handmade products on Instagram, you first need to open an online store. After editing your Instagram profile professionally, upload the products you want to sell to Instagram. When uploading your products, you should take care to include at least 4 photos and to prepare the descriptions in a way that will answer all the questions of the buyer. After preparing all these, you can reach your potential buyers and start selling by taking advantage of Instagram ads.

Is selling crafts online profitable?

Yes, I have many friends who sell on Etsy. I can say that they earn large amounts of money.

What’s the best way to sell crafts online?

The two best options for selling online are Instagram and Etsy.

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