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Today, I continue our online money making series with the topic of online surveys for money. It is possible to earn money with Take surveys for money applications. Even if you cannot earn very high amounts, you can earn small incomes and use them in your shopping or withdraw cash. In this content, I will share with you the best sites and applications.

Does taking surveys really pay?

Get paid to take surveys is one of the best and most easily applicable methods for those who want to earn money online. When I was a student, I was earning my pocket money through online surveys. You may not be able to support a house with the money you will earn with paid surveys, but you will have pocket money. So you can earn really, but don’t keep your expectations high :).

Paid surveys: Best apps for surveys

There are many websites and applications get paid for surveys. I will share the most reliable and real money making sites below, and most importantly, the sites that I have tried. Here is the complete list of surveys to make money sites and applications. Let’s start:). You can visit our how to make money online page for other online money making methods where you can earn at least 1500 dollars per month.

1.Swagbucks surveys

Swagbucks ranks first among the best and most reliable sites where you can earn money with online surveys. It doesn’t just offer the option to online surveys that pay. In addition to the option to earn money with surveys, you can earn money by watching videos and advertisements, playing games, and performing other tasks assigned to you. With Swagbucks, you can earn an average of $0.90 per hour.

One of the best options and websites best surveys for money is inboxdollars. It is one of the best and most reliable sites that I can recommend in second place. What you need to do is to do the tasks given to you as a member of the site. You can earn money not only with surveys but also with other tasks such as reading emails, shopping online. You can earn an average of $0.45 per hour with this site.


OneOpinion is among the sites where you can earn the most income per hour. You can earn about $2 an hour with this site. Completing the surveys sent to you as a member of the site will be sufficient for the rewards. You can get information about the completion time and average reward amount of each survey sent to you from the system. The surveys you complete are defined as points on your page. You can convert these points into cash and withdraw them to your account via Paypal or use them for shopping.

4.Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the sites that has agreements with many corporate companies and has the highest number of online surveys. Corporate companies use the Survey Junkie site for market research. This provides more paid survey opportunities. All you need to do is to become a member of the site and start earning. With Survey Junkie, you can earn around $1.60 per hour.

5.Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the USA-based and largest market research firms. As a member of Opinion Outpost, you can complete paid surveys and earn money. The average wage you can earn per hour will be around 1.5 dollars.

6.Ipsos iSay

If you are looking for “earn money from surveys”, Ipsos iSay may be a good choice for you. Ipsos iSay ranks 6th in our best survey apps list. It is the online research platform of the IPSOS research company. Therefore, I can say that it is among the most reliable survey sites. As a member of the site, you can start earning money from surveys. The approximate amount you can earn per hour on the site will be around 1.05 dollars.


MyPoints is one of the highest paying sites per survey. You can earn money with paid surveys on the site. In addition, you can earn rewards for promotional codes, coupons and various tasks on the site. You earn an average of $1.10 per hour from surveys.

I shared the “best survey sites to make money” list with you. There are many more survey sites where you can earn money, but the ones I’ve shared are the best. I’ve tried it myself, made money in the amounts I tested and wrote. As a member of the sites in the list I shared, you can complete the tasks and start making money online.

With the best of artificial intelligence Chatgpt, it is now possible to make money online. You can also visit our “using Chatgpt to make money” page to start making money with Chatgpt.

Do online surveys really pay you?

Yes, reliable survey sites do indeed pay. You can buy it in cash as well as gift vouchers.

What is the best online survey for money?

I think the best highest paying online surveys are: Swagbucks, inboxdollars, OneOpinion, Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, Ipsos iSay and MyPoints.

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