How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Seo?

Google Search Console allows you to analyze many data such as the current ranking of your website in the Google Search engine, which content you receive impressions and clicks from, which countries you receive impressions and clicks from, and how much traffic you receive from which content on Google. You can use Google Search Console as a useful tool for both your on-page SEO and off-page SEO efforts. In this content, I will answer the question of How to Use Google Search Console to Improve Seo. You can increase your website’s ranking in search engines by using Google Search Console.

How to use Google Search Console for seo?

There are many tools in the Google Search Console tool that you can use in your SEO work. However, I especially use the “Search Results” section to ensure that my website content rises in the rankings. I can see which of my contents are listed in the search results with which queries. If the search query is not in my content, I use it and help the user find the answer to the question related to the query. When I update my content with a new date by using words that are not included in the content, my content rises to the top of the search results. So how do you do this? Let’s see how I did it step by step.

  1. First, log in to your Google Search Console panel.
  2. Then click on “Search Results” on the main panel.
  3. Select the date section as “12 Months”.
  4. Then select “Page Count” in the bottom section.
  5. Sort from the page with the most views to the page with the least views.
  6. Then click on your content at the top.
  7. After clicking on the content, proceed to the “Queries” section.
  8. Thus, you will be able to see which queries your content is ranking for on Google and your current ranking.
  9. Download the “Queries” list as Excel.
  10. Open relevant content on your website.
  11. Enrich your content by using H2 and H3 tags in your content for search queries that are in the queries but not in your content.
  12. Try to use the search queries here in your content as much as possible.
  13. Then republish your article by updating the publication date of the article.
  14. You can follow the increase in impressions and positions of your content in Google Search Console after 1 day at the latest.

This is a tactic I use on my websites and it is incredibly beneficial. If your website has a good backlink profile and is a valuable website for Google, when you do this, your content can be on the first page after the first update. Try it and see the result.

Use Google Search Console for technical SEO development

The tip I gave above is a tip you can use to increase content rankings. Google Search Console offers you some technical data. If there are errors on your website, Google Search Console will present these errors to you. By fixing these, you can improve your site technically. Here are the fixes you can make for technical SEO with Google Search Console.


In this section, you can view the general performance of your website. You can view general data such as your website’s ranking performance and the index status of the pages.


In this section, you can view your content that is indexed or not. In the “Why pages aren’t indexed” section, you can find information about why contents are not indexed and find solutions.

3.Video pages

In this section, you can view the index status of the videos on your website. You can see which of your videos are indexed and which of your videos are not indexed. You can find information about the reason why videos that are not indexed are not indexed and you can take steps accordingly.

Recently, the most common error regarding videos has been “Video is not the main content of the page”. To solve the error, the video must be marked as main content. Or the “Video” parts in the video embed code need to be removed and marked as part of the content.

I saw that some content that I encountered with this error was removed from Google rankings. Therefore, this error is a serious error and negatively affects your website traffic. If you can find a solution, do not remove the video. However, if you cannot find a solution, I recommend that you remove the video from the content for now.


Sitemaps are tools that allow search engine bots to crawl your website hierarchically. You can view data such as the status of your sitemap and discovered pages in the Google Search Console “Sitemaps” section.

5.Page experience

In this section, you can take a look at your website’s data regarding Core Web Vitals. Core Web Vitals is a direct ranking criterion in my opinion. If there are errors here, correcting them will increase the organic traffic of your site. You can find information about what it is and how you can improve it in my content titled What are Core Web Vitals, How To Improve.


In this section, you can see your HTTPS compatible content. If there is an error in this section, correct it as soon as possible. Non-HTTPS websites are marked as unsafe by browsers, which can cause ranking loss.

I tried to give you information about How do I use Google console to improve my SEO in my content. If you have any questions about the subject, you can ask me in the comments section or on Whatsapp. Thank you.

Is Google Search Console good for SEO?

In my opinion, it is an indispensable tool for SEO. It is both free and allows you to analyze data that many analysis tools do not offer.

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