How to Start an Online Tutoring Business? & 6 Steps

Today, flexible business models are among the jobs that also provide additional income opportunities. Online tutoring is one of the best side jobs that provides flexible working opportunities. If you are looking for a guide on How to Start an Online Tutoring Business, you can find step by step what you need to do to start your business in this content. You can find all the information about how to start tutoring online in the rest of the content.

How to start online tutoring business?

In order to start your online private lesson business professionally, you need to make some preliminary preparations. If you start with a solid foundation, you will have the power to compete. For this reason, below I have given you all the steps you need to follow in separate headings on how to start a tutoring business online. Let’s start.


If you have decided to start an online lesson business, you must first determine the areas in which you are an expert and want to teach. My advice to you is to choose the field in which you are an expert, love and have the ability to teach. If you try to teach in a field in which you are not an expert, you will not be able to progress. After determining the area where you will teach, make your equipment preparations. Prepare the equipment needed for lecture recordings, such as computers, microphones and cameras.

2.Market yourself

Advertising is the most important tool to reach potential students in the online course business, as in other businesses. First, create professional social media accounts. If you are not good at this, get support from expert designers. Add your references, photos or videos of people you have taught before, and customer comments to your social media page. Also, introduce yourself well. Be active on social media platforms. Especially use Facebook and Instagram Ads. This way, you can reach potential students faster.

3.Create an account on private tutoring platforms

There are many popular platforms for online tutoring business that both students and educators use. Create an account on these platforms and design your profile here professionally. Add your information and references. Some of the best platforms you can use for online tutoring business are: Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, Verbling, italki.

4.Create a non-boring class schedule

Create your course schedule. Make sure your course schedule is both professionally prepared and interesting. Programs that are boring and similar to everyone’s schedule may not be preferred. Create programs specifically for the student. Don’t offer the same content to everyone. Evaluate your students periodically with evaluation tools. This way, you can follow the progress closely.

5.Set competitive prices

One of the most important steps for the how to do online tutoring part is the private lesson fees you will determine. To start, keep your prices competitive. In fact, my suggestion to you is that you can give private lessons for free or at very low prices in the beginning to collect references. You can increase your awareness by adding free courses to Udemy.

6.Be innovative, constantly improve yourself

Continuously update your course content in accordance with the updated curriculum. Be innovative. Follow the agenda and be careful to add interesting content to your course schedule.

How to become an online tutor with no experience?

Even if you have no experience, you can start by following the steps I explained in the How to make money tutoring online section above. Every educator who starts this job starts without any experience. To gain experience, you need to take a step and start somewhere. To gain experience, you can initially give free lessons in the field you are an expert in.

How to make money online tutoring?

Above, in the section titled “how to start tutoring business online”, I gave information about starting a private tutoring business in 6 steps. By following these steps, you can start your private tutoring business. The amount of money you can earn monthly from this job may vary depending on your performance, preference, wage policy and many other criteria.

How to start a tutoring business from home?

All the steps I explained in the how to do tutoring online section are valid for those who want to work from home. By following these steps and preparing the necessary equipment, you can start your online private tutoring business from home.

What is the best online tutoring company to work for?

The best platforms you can use to teach online are:

  • Cambly,
  • VIPKid,
  • Preply,
  • Chegg Tutors,
  • Wyzant.

In addition to the above, there may be many private tutoring platforms operating in your area. I have listed for you the best platforms where you can teach globally.

Which online tutoring company pays the most?

The amount of money you can earn daily, weekly or monthly depends on your performance. Generally, the earnings on the platforms are similar.

Do you need a license to start a tutoring business?

There is no license or certificate requirement to teach on online platforms. You can give online lessons on a subject you are an expert in without a license. However, I recommend that you research whether there is a regulation on this issue in your country before starting work.

Legal requirements for tutoring business

If you are going to do it online, you do not need to get a legal permission. However, when you start earning money, you must notify the relevant Tax Office in order for your earnings to be taxed.

Is online tutoring profitable?

Yes, if you are good at your job, it provides high income opportunities.

How much does it cost to start a tutoring business?

It does not require very high capital to start. If you have equipment such as a computer, microphone and camera, you can start by following the steps above.

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