How to Start a Medical Courier Service? & 5 Steps

Medical courier service, as you can understand from its name, can be defined as the fast and safe transportation of medical supplies, equipment and documents used by healthcare institutions from one place to another. It can be described as a kind of courier activity. However, only medical supplies are carried in this service. In our business ideas category, today I have created a guide on How to Start a Medical Courier Service for those who want to start their own business and do this business. In the rest of the content, you will find an up-to-date guide on how to become a medical courier service.

What is a medical courier service?

First of all, I should give a brief definition for the question “what is medical courier service?” People who provide logistics and communication services to healthcare institutions such as hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are called Medical Couriers. This service accelerates communication between healthcare institutions and ensures that the results of medical tests are quickly transported from one place to another.

How to start medical courier service?

This is a popular job and you can choose it if you want to start your own business. So how to start a medical courier service business? You can take a step towards this by following the steps below.

1.Do market research

First of all, you should do research on the need for courier services by contacting healthcare providers in your area. After all, before you can start this business, you need to make an agreement with at least 1-2 healthcare providers. Instead of directly providing courier services, you can also contact companies that provide medical courier services and work under them. This may also be an option for you. But my suggestion is that you first start your own business and work for yourself.

2.Obtain necessary permits and licenses

If you have agreed on courier service with at least 1 or 2 healthcare providers, the next step is to obtain the necessary permissions. You must obtain the necessary legal permits and licenses by contacting the Municipality and other relevant Institutions to which you are affiliated.

3.Buy a vehicle that suits your courier business

Vehicle selection is important. Delivering deliveries on time and safely is the most important part of this job. Health is of vital importance. Your vehicle must have the necessary equipment to deliver deliveries quickly and safely to the other party in emergency situations.

4.Communication and Customer relations

As in every business, communication and customer relations are important in the medical courier service business. You should always be in communication with your customers and work to improve your relationships.

5.Marketing and promotion

Marketing is important to increase the number of healthcare institutions you have agreements with. If you are good at your job, your references will increase and you will have the opportunity to work with more healthcare providers. For brand awareness, you can organize your social media accounts professionally, open a website and reach more customers by promoting your company on these platforms.

What certifications do i need to start a medical courier business?

Required licenses may vary from region to region. Generally required documents are as follows:

  • Driving license appropriate to the class of vehicle you drive,
  • Business License,
  • Transportation License,
  • Medical Courier Certification,
  • HIPAA Compliance Training,
  • Insurance,
  • First Aid and CPR Certification.

How much does a Medical Courier business make?

The money you earn from this job varies depending on the customer portfolio, the region you work in, your performance and many other criteria. On average, monthly earnings are in the range of $4000-5000. There are also couriers who earn more than a hundred thousand dollars annually.

Is a medical courier business profitable?

Yes, I think it is a very profitable business. I have a few friends around me who do this job and they earn very good money. With the aging of the population, the need for medical courier services is increasing. In addition, this can be stated as an additional advantage since it offers you the opportunity to work in your own business.

Medical courier service rates

Service fees of medical couriers vary from region to region. The average wage range by distance is shared in the table below.

MilesRates (average)
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