How to Start a Juice Business at Home, Mobile?

I continue to share with you the most profitable and trending business ideas of your day on my page. Here I am today with a new business idea. The name of this business is Juice shop. Yes, you heard it right, fresh juice bar. If you want to make a new investment and earn money, this business idea may be for you. Today I will give you information about How to Start a Juice Business. With the juice-shop business, which is among the trend business ideas, you can start making money in a short time with little capital. In the rest of the content, I will share all the details about how you can do the job, what it takes and how much you can earn from this job.

What are juice bars?

First of all, I would like to start my content with the answer to the question of what is a juice bar. Juice Bars can be defined as bars where squeezed drinks made from healthy fruits and vegetables are sold. Not only fruit juices are sold in Juice Bars. Healthy snacks are also sold. The reason why it is among the trending jobs is that with the increase in foods with additives, people are starting to turn to healthier and antioxidant-containing products.

Juice Bars don’t just sell fruit and vegetable juices. They also sell fruit or vegetable juice detoxes and smoothies, especially recommended by dieticians.

is a juice bar a good business?

Before answering the question of how to start a juice bar business, I would like to briefly talk about whether this business idea is a good business idea or not. If you have an idea for starting a fruit juice business, you need to thoroughly research your market research, the location where you want to do business, the demand for the products you will sell, and the other factors I explained in my content. Starting a juice bar business will be a good business idea if you start in the right location, at the right time, and most importantly, with the right marketing work.

How to start a juicing business at home, What do you need to open a juice bar?

If you are doing research on How to open a juice bar, you should follow the steps below for the requirements you need to meet. As in any job, you should do research before starting this job and act accordingly. Before you begin, I suggest you do the following.

1.Create a juice bar business plan

The first thing you need to do is good planning. While planning and researching, you should focus on the basic things you will need such as the design, menu, suppliers that you will use.

2. Determine the location

The most important thing in this business is location. In the place where you will do this job, the population density should be high and your opponent should not be too much. Especially the entrances and exits of large shopping malls can be defined as the most suitable location for this business. In addition, a mobile juice bar that can be installed on busy streets will also work well. While researching a location, you should pay attention to the number of people passing by daily and that there is no other person doing this job around.

3.Permits and licenses required to open a business

The documents, permits and licenses required to open a Juice Bar may vary from region to region. While doing your first research, it would be good to find out the requirements by contacting the Municipality in the region where you want to open your business or other Institutions to which you need to apply for the opening of the business. This is a research you should do in the first place. Because if there is a deficiency in your documents, it would be better to deal with it at the beginning of the work.

4.Fruit and vegetable suppliers

One of the most important parts of this business is suppliers. Since you need to use organic fruits and vegetables, you need to do your supplier research well and get a price quote.

5. Determine your juice bar design

The design and architecture of your workplace is the most important part of this business. The design should appeal to the eye and most importantly, it should be different from the others. For this reason, get a quote about the materials and requirements for interior and exterior design by agreeing with an Architect on this subject.

6.Set your menu

Below I have listed the must-haves on a Juice Bar menu. You can set a menu accordingly. Detoxes are important and people prefer Detox more for health. While preparing a detox, you can get support from a Dietitian and prepare professional products and add them to your menu. Presenting a different menu from the menu prepared by everyone will make you go one step ahead.

7.Make Advertising well

After making all your preliminary research and deciding to open a shop, the most important step is advertising. Especially targeting your location, social media ads on Facebook and Instagram will increase your customer base in a short time. You can also advertise to Tiktok and Youtube influencers for a fee.

How much to start a juice bar?

In the how to start your own juice bar section, I explained step by step what you need to get started. Starting a juice bar smoothie business or any other business idea requires a cost. You must have the necessary capital. The cost may vary depending on whether you do the work from home or a physical store, the location you want to do it in, the size of the shop you want to open, and many other factors. If you want to start with a small mobile bar, a capital of 20-25 thousand dollars may be sufficient for the start. But if you are planning a larger workplace, you will need to allocate more capital.

Juice bar franchise

For starting a juice business, franchise is an option, but I don’t think it’s the right option. Yes, the franchise system provides some advantages, but in this system, you cannot do anything other than the concept and menu that they deem appropriate, since you will be dependent on the company that provides the franchise. In short, this limits you. In addition, most Franchise companies charge you for advertisements and may share some of the profits. In order not to be affected by these disadvantages, it is more logical not to choose the franchise system and to establish this business on your own.

Juice bar franchise cost

Franchise cost vary depending on the region you want to set up, the company you want to buy a franchise, the size of the business you want to open and various factors. For this reason, instead of researching the price, you should first find quality companies and ask for offers from them. Franchise costs on many sites on the Internet do not reflect the correct information. The best thing to do is to get an offer from the company itself.

How to start a mobile juice bar?

Mobile Juice Bar is one of the best options to start this business. Especially in terms of rent and other expenses, the mobile juice bar is more advantageous. You can make good profits with a Juice Bar that you will set up on crowded streets. For this reason, I think it is more advantageous to open a mobile shop than to open a shop in a shopping mall.

Small juice bar design ideas

For starting a juice bar, design is the important thing. The design of your bar directly affects your sales. For this reason, I think it is more correct to get support from an architect in this regard. I leave photos of some trending designs below to give you an idea. But the difference is important. For this reason, it is more important to make different and unique designs by looking at trend designs.

Menu for juice bar

As I mentioned in how to start a juice bar section, one of the most important parts of this business is the menu. Offering different and interesting things on the menu will make you one step ahead. Below I have shared with you what should be on a Juice bar menu. In addition, I definitely recommend having healthy fruit and vegetable detoxes.

Here is a sample menu that I can offer you. Developing is in your hands

1.Mixed juicesCarrot&Orange

2.SmoothiesDetox Smoothie (Ingredients: Lettuce, apple, lemon, spinach)
Tropical Bliss Smoothie ( Ingredients:pineapple, mango, coconut)
Berry Blast Smoothie ( Ingredients:Strawberry, banana, almond milk, blackberry)
Protein Smoothie (Ingredients:Almonds, protein powder, milk, oatmeal)
3.Healthy snacksEnergy balls (Made with soot grapes and almonds)
Sebzeli Taco (Made using green vegetables, lettuce and hummus)
Avocado toast ( It is made with fresh herbs and whole wheat bread.)
Chia Seed Yogurt ( It is made by adding chia seeds and dried fruits to yogurt.
Acai Bowl ( Granola, fresh berries and acai puree are used.
4.Squeezing juicesİmmune booster (Honey, Ginger, Lemon)
Antioxidant juice (Tomato, lemon, red pepper)
Energy store ( Orange, Citrus, Ginger, Carrot)
Detox (Lemon, Spinach, Ginger, Apple, Lemon)
Squeezing Juice for Skin Health ( Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Cucumber)
juice bar menu ideas

Good names for juice business

The name Juicing business should reflect your concept and definitely be catchy. Therefore, you must choose the name yourself. However, I may still have some name suggestions for you to give you an idea. Here are my juice bar names suggestions;

  • Detox juice bar,
  • Freshing Center,
  • Relaxing and Healty Center,
  • Fruit and Vegetable House,
  • Regeneration Center,
  • Juice’r us,
  • Juice for Health.

What license do you need to sell juice?

Licenses required to opening a juice bar may vary from region to region. However, the generally requested licenses are as follows;

  • Business license,
  • Hygiene certificate,
  • Business opening documents received from the municipality and related institutions.

Starting a juice business from home

I don’t think this is a job that can be done from home. Therefore, I cannot give you any advice on this matter. Since my visitors have been asking me the question of how can I do this job from home recently, I felt the need to open this topic.

How to start an online juice business?

It is possible to do this online. However, packaging and shipping of products can be a bit difficult here. In addition, the fact that fruit juices can be delivered to the buyers without spoiling can be a challenge. All other procedures are as described above.

Is juice a profitable business?

Yes, I think it is one of the business with the highest profit margin. Also, I can easily say that I have friends who earn very high income from this business.

How can I make my juice business successful?

You can bring your business to good places with a different and interesting concept and quality service in a good location.

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