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Selling online is one of the best things to do today. You do not need to have software or coding knowledge to do this. If you can use a computer and a phone a little and follow the trends, you can easily sell online. Selling online is a good option to make money, but you need to know the answer to the question How to Sell Stuff Online. This content will be a guide for you about places where you can sell. You can find information in this content about best place to sell things online with low competition, especially for those who will step into e-commerce for the first time.

Where to sell things online?

There are many platforms you can use for online sales. Social media platforms and virtual marketplaces are among the best options for online sell. Instagram and Facebook are one of the best ways to start selling online at no cost. I have given information about the best platforms you can use for sell items online under separate headings below.

Best places to sell things online

If you have decided to sell online but cannot find selling items online, you can first visit our Trending Products content and get information about the most sold products. I have listed the best place to sell stuff online you can use for sale online.


Instagram is one of the best options, especially for those who are new to e-commerce. In fact, I think Instagram is the best best places to sell online. Because Instagram is currently among the most used social media platforms in the world. If you have decided on the products you will sell, please follow the steps below to sale stuff on Instagram;

  • First, visit the Instagram for Business page and create a registration for your business.
  • After creating your business registration, enter information about your Store and make the necessary edits.
  • If your store is ready, add your products and make your products stand out with sponsored ads. You can reach your target audience in a short time with local or national ads and start sale on online.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Even though Facebook is less popular than Instagram, I can still say that it is one of the best way to sell online. Sharing products on Facebook Marketplace is free. By listing your products on Facebook Marketplace, you can immediately start selling things online to your target customers around you. You can highlight your products and increase your potential sales by using Facebook sponsored ads.


Etsy is a platform you can choose for handmade products. This platform is the best platform where you can sell globally. You can sell your creative products with Etsy, which stands out especially with the sale of handmade products. All you have to do is open your store for free, upload your products and start selling immediately.


Amazon is one of the world’s largest selling and largest e-commerce platforms. You can sell on Amazon both in your own country and in all other countries that Amazon serves. Therefore, it offers you a very wide market opportunity. If you are looking for a marketplace for the best way to sell stuff online, I can say that the best option is Amazon.


If you say I want to sell my stuff online but I don’t know how, eBay may be a good option for you. eBay is a platform you can use to sell not only new products but also second-hand items. If you want to sell your stuff, eBay might be a good start.


Shopify is one of the easiest ways to create an online store. It provides you with easy and fast sales opportunities with ready-made themes, systems and integrations. Also, consultancy services are very good. Therefore, if you do not have much knowledge about e-commerce software and systems, I recommend you to use Shopify and start selling with the Shopify store.

7.WooCommerce (WordPress)

WordPress is one of the systems that allows you to publish and sell your products on your own website with WooCommerce integration. To use WordPress, you need to have knowledge about the system. If you do not know how to use the system, I can set up a WordPress-based system for you. You can start selling immediately by uploading your products.


Craigslist is one of the platforms you can use in the local market to sell second-hand items. By becoming a member of the site, you can upload your products and start selling immediately.

How to sell a product online for free?

In our content, I gave detailed information about best place to sell items online. Especially Instagram and Facebook are among the platforms where you can open a store for free. It is free to open a store on other platforms, but some of those platforms may require company registration. If you don’t have a company, Instagram and Facebook will be good options for you to start with.

Selling products online from home

For e-commerce, you do not necessarily need to rent a warehouse or open a shop. You can sell online by using a room in your house as a warehouse. The best platforms to start with for home selling are Facebook and Instagram. If you sell handmade products, Etsy may also be a good option for best way to sell things online.

Sell used stuff online

In fact, I have stated the answer to the question of where can i sell in detail above, along with the features of the best places to sell used items online. The best selling marketplaces to sell used items are: Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Craglist and Ebay.

How to sell clothes online?

I think the best option for selling clothes is Instagram. I recommend you open a store on Instagram and sell clothes. Competition in this field is quite high on sites such as Amazon and Ebay and you may not be able to do business. Therefore, the best option for clothes sales and boutiques is definitely Instagram. For more detailed information, you can visit our How to sell products online page.

How to find products to sell online?

One of the most important steps in selling online is to start selling with the right product. Starting e-commerce with products with low competition is also very important for motivation. For this reason, you need to choose the right products, do good research on this subject, and establish strong connections with suppliers. The best-selling products are also the products with the most competition. Therefore, it is more important to find niche products that are less sold but have low competition. I provided information about the products you can sell in our e-commerce category. You can find information about which products you can start selling by visiting our relevant category.

How to make a website to sell stuff?

In the How to sell things online section, I explained all the steps about how and where you can sell. The platforms listed above in the best sites to sell stuff list are good alternatives. However, opening your own website and selling from your website increases brand awareness and affects your sales positively. If you are looking for the best website to sell stuff, in my opinion, your own website will be a good solution for this.

How to start a website to sell things?

You can use ready-made E-commerce software packages for the website, or you can set up a site with a WordPress infrastructure and make the necessary adjustments with the E-commerce plug-in. If you think you cannot do this or if you need professional support, you can contact me via comment or Whatsapp. I can open a turnkey professional website with an e-commerce infrastructure for you.

What is the best way to sell things online?

If we need to make a ranking regarding best website to sell stuff online, I think it should be as follows:

  • Your own website,
  • Instagram,
  • Facebook,
  • Virtual marketplaces that I listed in the best website to sell things section.
What is the best online store to sell stuff?

In my opinion the best places to sell stuff online are: Facebook, Instagram, Bonanza, Craigslist.

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