How to Make Money on Youtube 2024? & Best Passive İncome Method

Youtube is among the best apps to make money Online. If you are an expert or interested in a field, you can open a channel on YouTube and share your videos on your YouTube channel. After meeting the minimum number of subscribers and watch time requirements to make money on YouTube, you can start earning money from your videos. If you are looking for the answer to the question How to Make Money on Youtube, this content will be a complete guide for you. In the rest of the content, you can find information about the conditions for making money with the YouTube channel. In addition, all questions on the subject such as how much subscribers on youtube to make money will be answered.

How to make passive income on Youtube?

To start making money from your YouTube channel, you need to meet some conditions. I have shared the terms of earning money with Youtube channel as a table for you below.

Minimum number of subscribers required1000
Minimum watch hours4000 Hours
(In order for your channel to be approved by Youtube Adsense, it must have been watched for at least 4000 hours in the last 12 months as of the application date.)
YouTube Content Monetization PoliciesIn addition to the above two conditions, your channel must also meet the Youtube program policy conditions. You can access program policies here: YouTube Content Monetization Policies
Youtube Adsense accountAfter your channel meets the necessary conditions, you need to apply for Youtube Adsense to earn money.
Age requirementThe generally required age requirement for making money with Youtube is 18. However, some regions have different age restrictions. For age requirements specific to your region, you can visit the program policy page linked above.

How to make money on Youtube fast?

You will need a certain amount of time to earn money with the Youtube channel, and you will also need to meet the conditions specified in the rest of our article. To speed up the process of making money from YouTube, I recommend you take into consideration the following suggestions.

1.Open a niche channel

Having your Youtube channel in a Niche area will increase your subscriber count faster and watch your videos more, as well as watch other related videos on your channel. Starting with a Niche channel in an area where you are expert or knowledgeable will enable your channel to increase in subscriber and watch times in a short time.

2.Produce your content with uniqueness and quality

Make sure your video content is unique and interesting. Especially the first 30 seconds of a video are very important. When the visitor starts watching your video, it must be of a quality that will not close the video and will find it worth watching. Videos professionally prepared and edited to suit your target audience can be watched until the end.

3.Produce video content regularly

Try to produce up-to-date content relevant to the relevant field of your target audience. Do this regularly and on specific calendars. The content you produce regularly will make your subscribers revisit your channel. This allows your videos to rank higher on YouTube and get more views.

4.Prepare your video according to SEO rules

For Youtube, the description section of the video is as important as the content of the video. Choose your title from words that are relevant to the video content and have high search volume. Start the title you will use for your YouTube video with your keyword. Add words that encourage clicking at the end. For example, you prepared content about backlinks. Your video title could be: What are backlinks? & Tips to Help You Rise in the Rankings Fast“. Likewise, use keywords consistently in the description of the video. Provide necessary information about the content of your video in the description section.

5.Increase your subscriber count

One of the most important conditions for making money from Youtube is the number of subscribers. Make activities to increase your subscriber count. For example, organize live broadcasts and distribute small prizes by drawing among those who participate in the live broadcast. In addition, one of the most important factors that increases the number of subscribers organically is to produce quality content suitable for your target audience. When you do this, your subscriber count will increase organically.

How many subscribers do you need to make money on Youtube?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who research the subject of making money with Youtube is: how many subscribers do you need on Youtube to make money? The minimum number of subscribers required is 1000 subscribers. However, these subscribers must have increased organically and must definitely be real subscribers. Bot accounts purchased with money are against Youtube program policies. If detected, your channel can be closed permanently.

How many views on Youtube to make money?

The second most asked question regarding the subject is: how much views on youtube to make money? In order for your YouTube channel to be monetized, your video content must have been watched for a total of 4000 hours in the last 12 months before your application date.

How to make money on Youtube without showing your face?

You don’t have to show your face when making a YouTube video. You have many options for this. Below are all the options you can make videos without showing your face.

  • Voiceover: You can only make voice narration in your videos instead of your own face. You can share data such as pictures, animations or screenshots on the video background while narrating with audio.
  • Images/Animations: You can use images, animations or slide shows in your videos. You can also put music related to the content in the background. Such videos can also be interesting.
  • Screen Recording: You can prepare your videos with the Screen Recording feature. There are many free apps you can use for this.

Does YouTube Shorts make money?

Yes, Youtube Shorts is also one of the ways to make money with Youtube. I explained in detail how you can do this in a subheading.

How to make money on Youtube shorts?

Youtube shorts gives you several options to earn money. Here are all the options you can make money with Youtube shorts.

  • Youtube Adsense income: After your Adsense account is approved, you can also earn income from the videos watched by the viewers in the Youtube Shorts section.
  • Product sale: You can make sales by promoting your products or sponsored products with Youtube Shorts.
  • Brand collaborations: If you have a high number of subscribers on YouTube, you can earn money by collaborating with brands. You can earn advertising revenue from your brand promotions on Youtube Shorts.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is another way you can earn money with Youtube Shorts. You can share affiliate links of corporate companies such as Amazon. When viewers make purchases by clicking on these links, you can earn commission income.
  • Product reviews: You can share product review videos via Shorts. You can make money by creating interesting short videos, especially for new technological products on the market, through affiliate sales of these products.

How long does it take to make money on Youtube?

There is no specific time requirement to start making money on YouTube. You can start earning money from your channel when you meet the conditions for subscriber and watch hours and the program policy.

How to make money on Youtube as a kid?

It is theoretically possible for children to open a Youtube channel and upload video content. Youtube policy does not control this. However, after meeting the monetization conditions of the channel, an age requirement of 18 may be required for Adsense. For this reason, children’s production of content for YouTube is a matter that should be under parental supervision.

How to make money on Youtube without making videos?

In order to make money with YouTube, you must have a channel and meet the required subscriber and watch time conditions. However, if you do not have enough time for this, there are options where you can making money on youtube without making videos. Here are all the options you can monetize without making videos:

  • Buy a ready-made Youtube channel: You can earn money by purchasing a ready-made YouTube channel that is open to monetization and meets the program policy conditions.
  • You can get video editing service: If you do not have knowledge about video preparation and editing, you can get professional support for this. You deliver your content in written form to professionals. They make quality videos for you.

YouTube how much money per view, Youtube 1000 views money

The price paid per view on YouTube varies according to various criteria. Criteria such as the content of the video, the country and search history of the viewer, the length and quality of the video cause per-view fees to vary. For example, while an average of 1000 views in America earns 10-15 dollars, in Turkey, where the currency is lower, it earns 1-2 dollars.

YouTube money calculator

YouTube money calculator calculates the average amount of money you can earn per 1000 impressions or views. You can calculate immediately by visiting the YouTube money calculator page.

How much does YouTube pay for 1,000 views?

One of the most frequently asked questions on the subject is: how much Youtube pays for 1,000 views? The amount YouTube will pay for 1000 views may vary from country to country. Additionally, the content of your YouTube channel directly affects your cost per click and income. For example, if you have a financial channel, you can earn $15-20 for 1000 views. However, you can earn an average of 5-6 dollars per 1000 views on educational channels.

Easiest videos to make money on YouTube?

If you ask me, the easiest videos you can prepare are the ones you are an expert in. If you think you have expert knowledge on a subject, you can prepare video content faster and easier in this field. However, if you are looking for a different category, the categories I can recommend are: Game and product reviews, technology channels, financial channels, how-to videos.

YouTube Partner Program

To join the YouTube Partner Program, you must have 500 subscribers, the channel’s viewing time must be at least 3000 hours in the last 1 year, and you must have uploaded a video within the last 3 months. These are the requirements for application. You can apply after meeting these conditions. After your application, manual and automatic review is performed on your channel. If it complies with the policies, you will be accepted into the Youtube Partner Program.

How do beginners make money on YouTube?

To start making money on YouTube as a Beginner, you need to open a Niche channel and add content suitable for your target audience.

How much 10k subscribers earn?

Video views earn money. Therefore, the watch time of your videos, rather than the number of subscribers, affects your earnings. If the content is of good quality, you can earn more money from a channel.

How many views do you need to get money on YouTube?

Once you meet the monetization conditions and your channel is open to monetization, you can earn money with 1 impression.

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