How to Make Money on Instagram 2024 & $2000 per Month

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Almost everyone spends at least 1 hour a day on Instagram. This is a great advantage especially for making money with Instagram. We continue our monetization series today with the topic How to Make Money on Instagram. If you want to make money online, Instagram may be the right choice for you. This content will give you all the information about how and how much you can earn money from Instagram.

How many followers on Instagram to make money?

I would like to start the topic with the answer to the question how many followers do you need to make money on Instagram. There is no specific number of followers here. However, it will be advantageous for you to have followers who follow your Instagram page and are suitable for your targeted monetization method. For example, trying to sell women’s clothing on Instagram to a follower who is not interested in women’s clothing would be a futile effort. In short, it is important that it is suitable for the method you want to make money rather than the number of your followers. Of course, the number is also important. The more followers you have in line with your target audience, the higher your chances of making money will be.

How to get money from Instagram?

You have many options for making money online from Instagram. I have listed all these options under separate headings below. You can start making money from Instagram by choosing the monetization model that suits you according to your follower count and target audience.

1.Collaboration with brands

If you have a popular Instagram page and you have a large number of followers, you can collaborate with brands.Brands will already reach you and offer ads. You can send your offers to brands that want to advertise on webmaster forums and related freelance pages.

2.Instagram affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best monetization methods for passive income. In this system, you agree with Amazon or similar Institutional companies that provide Affiliate links and share their links on your page with the help of a link or code. When your followers make a purchase by clicking on the relevant link, you will receive an Affiliate commission from these products. You can earn good profits with this system by sharing affiliate products suitable for your audience.

3.Earn money by selling products

Selling products on Instagram is another best way to make money with Instagram. By opening an Instagram Corporate account, you can add your products and sell directly on Instagram after integrating the payment systems. The products you will sell must be niche products, competitive, and most importantly, products suitable for your target audience.

4.Consultancy services

Consulting services from Instagram is one of the popular jobs of the last period. If you have an area of expertise, you can open a Corporate Instagram page and provide consultancy services through this page. For a start, you can reach your target audience faster with Instagram ads.

5.Ad Revenue

One of the easiest ways to earn passive income from Instagram is advertisements. After reaching a certain number of followers, you can earn money with Instagram Reels and IGTV. For this, your number of followers and post interactions must be high, and your posts must be published on Reels or IGTV. You earn passive income from advertisements on published content.

How to make money on Instagram reels?

It is the section where short videos such as Instagram Reels, Tiktok and Youtube Shorts are shared. For Instagram Reels, posts need a lot of engagement. Not every post is available to users on Reels. With the Reels feature, you can earn money with all the methods I mentioned above. The biggest advantage of Reels is that your posts can reach all Instagram users, not just your followers. This gives you access to millions of people and earns huge amounts of money. Ads are the best method to make money on Reels. With Instagram ads, you can earn high profits with Reels.

How to make money on Instagram without followers?

Making money on Instagram without a specific follower is difficult but not impossible. One of the best ways for this is to reach your target audience with Instagram ads. If the business you want to do is sales, you can make direct sales by publishing product sales advertisements. With Instagram sponsored ads, you can directly reach your target audience and earn money by publishing regional or global ads. Unfortunately, it is not possible to earn money from Instagram without followers other than this method.

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers?

The income to be generated with 500 followers may differ according to the monetization model, the quality of your target audience, region to region and many criteria. I wouldn’t recommend dreaming of making a lot of money with 500 followers because it will be a bit difficult. By working to increase your target audience, you can start earning with one of the methods of making money with Instagram, which I mentioned above.

How to make money on Instagram without selling anything?

Selling things isn’t the only way to make money on Instagram. Affiliate Marketing, sponsored links, brand collaborations, advertising revenue with Reels and IGTV are among the main ways you can make money on Instagram. You can also make money with the methods I mentioned without having to sell any products.

How to make money as a poet on Instagram?

If you are writing good poems, I recommend that you continue to share and increase your follower count organically. When your number of followers reaches at least 3-4 thousand, you can start making money with sponsored works such as book promotion or brand collaborations. You can also create your own poetry book and sell it directly to your followers. When your number of followers reaches a certain number, you can also earn advertising revenues that will create passive income with Reels or IGTV.

Instagram money calculator

There is no official application offered by Instagram with which you can calculate the money you can earn from Instagram. There are several sites on the internet and they can offer you average earnings calculations. However, I am not so sure if they are correct. Average earnings may vary depending on your follower base, interaction, earning method and many other factors.

Do Instagram users get paid?

No, Instagram does not pay users directly. There is an opportunity to earn advertising revenue only for Reels and IGTV.

How do you get paid on Instagram?

Affilate Marketing, brand deals, collaborations, selling products are the best options to monetize Instagram.

How much Instagram pays for 1,000 views?

Instagram doesn’t pay for views.

How much Instagram pay for 1,000 followers?

Instagram does not make you earn based on the number of followers. The amount of money you can earn with 1000 followers may vary depending on the interaction of the followers and their contribution to your page. However, it is a little difficult to get advertisements from brands with 1000 followers.

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