How to Make Money on eBay & Guide for Beginners

eBay is one of the world’s largest online sales platforms. Since eBay provides worldwide sales opportunities, many people experience E-commerce and earn high amounts of money. With eBay, it is possible to sell not only new products but also second-hand products. If you want to take your place in this large and global marketplace and are looking for the answer to the question How to Make Money on eBay, then you are in the right place. In this content, you will find an up-to-date guide on how to sell stuff on eBay. I will also share the best things to sell on eBay list with you at the end of the content. Let’s start.

How does eBay work?

Before moving on to the guide on Selling on eBay, I would like to briefly talk about how the system works on this platform. As I mentioned in the introduction part of the content, eBay is an online marketplace where both used and new products are bought and sold. On this platform, products can be sold by bidding method, but it is also possible to sell them at a fixed price.

How to sell on eBay?

If you are thinking of selling on eBay, please first follow the steps below;

  • Do product research: In fact, before answering the question of how to sell things on eBay, you should find the answer to the question of what should I sell on eBay. Potential buyers are plentiful on eBay, but there are also many sellers. Therefore, you need to choose the right products with which you can compete. The fact that your products can compete with your competitors in terms of both quality and price will make your sales easier.
  • Supplier selection: It would be a good idea to choose your supplier carefully for the product you decide to sell and keep the stocks yourself. If a product you list is out of stock or you cannot supply it, it will negatively affect your seller score and prevent your products from being ranked higher. Therefore, when choosing a supplier, you need to consider the continuity criterion along with quality and price.
  • First, create a seller account: If you have decided on the product you want to sell and you trust your supplier, the first step is to open an eBay seller account. You must first create a seller account by visiting the create eBay seller account page.
  • List your products: After opening and verifying your seller account, we can now move on to the most important step. Product listing is one of the most important stages for selling product. Your products are your showcase and accurate listing is very important for sales. You must enter your product title, descriptions, images and video, if any, accurately and completely. If the product you want to sell has already been listed on eBay, you can list it directly using the barcode of the relevant product. However, my suggestion to you is to create your product title, descriptions and images original and of high quality.
  • Payment and shipping settings: I recommend using reliable intermediary companies such as Paypal for payment. The cargo company is one of the most important parts of E-commerce. Late shipments cause customer dissatisfaction. For this reason, I recommend that you make an agreement with a good cargo company.

What to sell on eBay?

I have given the answer to the question “How to start selling on eBay” in detail above. If you cannot find a product to sell, you should choose niche products with low competition. Instead of selling in a general category, selling in a more niche category with less competition will increase your sales. Especially products such as ornaments, necklaces and paintings created by adding value are more preferred. So what sells best on eBay? I have listed the best products for you below.

1.Trending products

There may be some niche product groups that are trending in every period. When you find and list these products before anyone else, your competitiveness will increase and you will be able to make more sales. For example, when Bluetooth headsets first hit the market in recent years, those who sold them first earned huge amounts of money. The same goes for smart watches. These products are currently among the best-selling products in E-commerce, but competition is high. The important thing is to list trending products like these first and get into the game before. You can browse trending products on sites such as Alibaba and Aliexpress, find products that are not yet listed on eBay, list them and sell them. You can also take a look at the currently trending products on our trending products page.

2.Prioritize handmade products

You cannot compete on eBay with products that are readily bought and sold on the market. Therefore, you need to sell products with high added value. Products such as handmade products, necklaces, bracelets and dolls are among the most frequently sold products. If you have a skill in handmade products, I recommend you give priority to selling these products. In my opinion, the best items to sell on eBay are handmade items.

3-Printed products

Personalized printed products are among the products you can choose to sell on eBay. For example, products such as photo printing on t-shirts or mugs, personalized paintings and frames are among the products you can choose in this category.

Can you really make money on eBay?

Yes, you can really make money if you start selling with the right products.

Can I make $1000 a month on eBay?

You can earn more if you list and sell products that you can compete with.

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