How to Make Money From Your Phone? & $100 Per Day

Would you like to make money with your phone? Yes, you heard right, there are many ways you can earn money just with your phone. You can also earn passive income with your phone by using the right methods. If you are looking for the answer to the question How to Make Money From Your Phone, you are in the right place. In this content, I will give you tips on ways to make money from your phone. With these tips, you can earn money from your phone, right where you sit.

How to make money on your phone?

There are many answers to the question “how to make money on my phone” on the internet. However, these methods are classic methods and may not save you money. Here are the methods by which you can actually make money.

Ways to make money on your phone

Below, I have listed the methods you can make money under separate headings for the topic of how to make money on phone. You can start making money with your phone by choosing the method that suits you.


Making money with surveys is at the top of the list of quickest ways to make money on your phone. Online surveys are one of the best ways to make money over the phone. You can become a member of survey sites or download survey applications from your mobile phone and earn money by taking surveys that suit you. You can take a look at real survey sites where you can make money on our best survey applications page.

2-Make money by watching ads

Earning money by watching ads is among the popular passive income sources of recent times. If you are doing research on make money from my phone for free, this job is for you. There are many websites and applications where you can earn money by watching ads on the internet. You can download them, become a member and start earning money by watching ads/videos.

3-Make money by commenting

If you want making money from your phone, I definitely recommend you try this method. As you know, positive comments about a business, especially on Google, contribute positively to the sales of the business. Therefore, businesses aim to create a positive profile by purchasing comments. This is why they buy paid comments. You can earn between 1-5 dollars per comment per day. You can earn up to 100-150 dollars per day by writing 30-40 comments per day.

4-Broadcasting on TikTok

If you are still researching how to make money with your phone, Tiktok may be the right option for you. You can collect rewards and convert these rewards into cash with the interesting live broadcasts you create for your target audience on Tiktok.

5-Day trading

Day trading is among the real income sources of many people. With the simple chart training you will receive, you can make money by daily trading, especially in cryptocurrencies and stocks. Thanks to simple candlestick charts, you can make daily profits by buying from the support area and selling from the resistance.


You can start making money with Youtube when you reach the specified subscriber and watch time by producing interesting content for Youtube from your mobile phone.

How to make money with my phone without investment?

I have listed the best methods for making money from phone above for you. You will not need capital to make money with these methods. All you have to do is have a phone. Of course, there is a certain capital requirement for daytrading, but there is no capital requirement for other methods.

Make $100 a day on your phone

In the upper section of our content on how to make money from my phone, we gave information about methods of making money. By using these methods, you can earn at least 100 dollars a day.

How to make money with your phone as a student?

One of the questions that students ask me the most is: how can I make money from my phone? The most suitable jobs for students include completing surveys, watching ads and videos, entering e-commerce products and making money by commenting.

Make money with your phone number

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make money with a phone number. Some sites may tell you that this is possible and ask for a phone number and verification code. I recommend that you do not trust these sites. Because there is no way to make money with a phone number.

How to make money without a phone?

It is possible to earn money without your phone. However, if you want to make money on online platforms, you must have at least a tablet or computer, if not a phone. Even if you do not have a phone number, you can use SMS confirmation sites for membership activation. In addition, webmaster forums and freelance money-making platforms are among the platforms where you can make money without a phone.

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