How to Cancel Fiverr Order & The Simplest and Fastest Method

One of the most popular ways of working today is online jobs. These platforms, where employers and freelancers meet, provide more and more people with the opportunity to earn money online every day. Fiverr is among the best and most reliable online platforms where employers and those who want to work freelance meet. On the platform, employers can receive services for many freelance jobs such as content production, graphic design, SEO services, backlink packages, data entry services. Sometimes, an order placed on the Fiverr platform may be requested to be canceled by the employer who wants to receive service. In this case, the answer to the question How to Cancel Fiverr Order is being investigated. You placed an order on the Fiverr platform, but if you want to cancel the order, this is possible. So how to cancel a Fiverr order? In this content, I will explain to you the answer to the question of how to cancel order on Fiverr in a simple way.

How to cancel an order on Fiverr?

Orders placed online on the Fiverr platform may not always be cancelled. For this, some conditions must be met. So Fiverr how to cancel order? Here are the conditions required to cancel an order.

1.Buyer’s right to request cancellation

In order for the buyer to request cancellation;

  • Order delivery time is marked as 24 hours or more,
  • The seller must not have processed the order yet.
  • The seller does not deliver the service within the delivery time,
  • Fulfillment of the purchased service incompletely or differently than what was promised.

Fastest cancellation method: If you have not yet conveyed your special requests regarding the order to the seller after placing your order, you can directly cancel your order by contacting the solution center. Order cancellations cannot be made directly from the application or website. You need to contact the resolution center and cancel in this way.

2.Seller may request cancellation

cancel an order, you can request the cancellation of the order by sending a message to the seller on the platform. If the seller accepts your request, he or she may initiate the cancellation process of the order. If the buyer approves, the cancellation occurs and the buyer’s money is refunded. If the buyer does not confirm 48 hours after the seller initiates the cancellation process, the sales process will be canceled automaticly.

3.Both buyer and seller can request cancellation

After the order is placed and payment is made by the buyer, both the buyer and the seller can request cancellation of the order through the solution center. When a cancellation request is entered by the buyer or seller through the solution center, the other party may or may not approve it within 48 hours. If the request is not approved within 48 hours, it is automatically approved by the system.

Cancel the order via the solution center

If you meet one of the conditions for cancellation, you can cancel through the Solution Center. There may not be a direct cancellation option on the website or application. To cancel the order via the solution center, follow the steps below;

  1. Log in to the “My Orders” page on the Fiverr app or website.
  2. In this section, select the order you want to cancel.
  3. Log in to the “Resolution Center” section at the top of the page.
  4. In this section, provide the reason for canceling your order. Submit your request by following the on-screen instructions. If you have a valid reason, your order will be canceled and your payment may be refunded.
Can I decline orders on Fiverr?

Yes, you can decline if you meet the necessary conditions.

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