How Much to Install Solar Panels Cost Per m2

Solar panels have become one of the most popular methods of generating electricity from solar energy. Many countries, especially those that benefit more from sunlight, continue to increase their solar panel energy investments. While you can use solar panels to generate your own electricity at home, you can also use them as a business idea and make money with this business. If you are interested in solar panels, this content is for you. You can find all the information about How Much to Install Solar Panels in the rest of the content. Information will also be given about making money with solar panel business.

Factors determining cost solar panels

The solar panel cost vary depending on many factors. Below I have provided information about the factors affecting cost to install solar panels.

  • Efficiency and type of panels: Solar panels come with many different features. The efficiency of the panel is among the most important factors affecting cost of installing solar panels. As the efficiency level increases, the cost of solar panel installation also increases. For example, polycrystalline panels or monocrystalline are more efficient. However, when these are preferred, cost of solar panels increase.
  • Electricity generating capacity: Another of the most important factors affecting the cost to install solar panelis the electricity production capacity. As capacity increases, installing solar panels cost also increases. For this reason, panels with high electricity generation capacity cost more.
  • Manufacturer and brand awareness: Another factor that affects install solar panels cost is the manufacturer. The number of producers, which used to be few in number, is increasing day by day. Especially the products of companies with high brand value may be more expensive. Companies that are new to the market and just starting production can initially offer more competitive prices. While researching how much do solar panels cost, I recommend you also take a look at user comments and complaints about the brand.
  • Location where the panel will be installed: Geographic location is the most important factor especially affecting return on investment. The investment return rate will be faster for panels that will be installed in a region with more sun. Therefore, when researching how much are solar panels, you should also consider the geographical location where you want to install.
  • Tax deductions and government incentives: Almost every country now provides tax deductions and incentives for solar panel installation. While researching the installation solar panel installation cost, you should research under what conditions the country you live in offers tax deductions and under what conditions it gives you incentives. With government incentives, you can reduce installation cost to install solar to more affordable figures.

How much does solar cost?

I have given detailed information about the factors that determine cost solar panel installation under separate headings above. Solar panel prices may vary depending on many factors such as brand, region to be installed, capacity of the panel. Additionally, how much does it cost to install solar panels vary from country to country.

I have provided information about average cost of solar panels per m2 in the table below. Let’s not forget that the data in the table may vary depending on country, brand and other factors.

Power Capacity (kW)Approximate Cost (USD)
1 kW800 – 1,000
5 kW3,500 – 5,000
10 kW7,000 – 10,000
20 kW14,000 – 20,000
50 kW35,000 – 50,000
100 kW70,000 – 100,000
solar panel cost per m2

Home solar panels cost

The electricity consumption of a house varies between 10-15 KW on average annually. Therefore, a panel to be installed in a house must have an annual electricity generation capacity of at least 10 KW. You can find out the daily, monthly or annual electricity consumption amount of your home from the electricity distribution company or by looking at your old bills. Additionally, panel companies also make professional calculations for this.

Therefore, when researching solar panels for home, you should have information about the annual electricity consumption of your home and do research accordingly. Companies may recommend panels with higher KW for higher sales. However, when you know how much your annual consumption is, you can determine your panel capacity needs accordingly and cost lower amounts. Below, I have created a table about the average cost of the panels you will install in your home, based on your annual electricity consumption.

Average annual electricity consumptionAvegage cost of solar panels for homes ( USD)
8 kW6000-7000
10 kW7000-10.000
12 kW12.000-13.000
14 kW14.000-15.000
16 kW17.000-18.000
Solar energy cost per kw

Solar panel price per m2

The cost per square meter of solar panels varies from region to region, brand and other factors I mentioned above. In general, the cost per square meter varies between 100-300 dollars on average.

Solar panel cost calculator

There are several websites you can use to calculate solar panels cost for home.However, since I do not trust the accuracy of the information on these websites, I will not offer a website recommendation regarding this. My advice to you is to first determine your needs. Then, contact quality companies that do this job in your area and get a price quote. This would be the best thing.

Making money with solar panels

The reason why I give information about cost home solar panels is that it also saves us money financially. You will be able to avoid paying electricity bills by producing your own electricity and gain additional money opportunities by selling the excess production to the state through electricity distribution companies. Here are the benefits of solar panels for the purpose of making money;

  • You can save money by producing your own electricity: The biggest benefit of solar panels is that they allow you to produce your own electricity. This way you avoid paying monthly electricity bills. Return on investment is usually 1.5-2 years. Then you will be saved from paying electricity bills for life. This means additional money in your pocket.
  • Sell excess electricity to the government: If you use home solar panels, you can sell the excess electricity you need to the state through the electricity distribution company. This is not an option available in every region. Additionally, if you have an empty plot, land or field, you can earn large amounts of money by installing larger panels there.
  • You can make money by renting your place: Solar panel businesses are generally carried out by large investors. You can also earn money by renting field or vacant land to these companies for panel installation.

Best solar panels

There are many brands that produce solar panels. I have listed the best brands for you below. Although these stand out as the best brands, I also recommend doing your own research. Here are the best solar panel brands:

  • LG Solar,
  • SunPower,
  • Panasonic,
  • Rec Solar,
  • JinkoSolar,
  • Canadian Solar,
  • Trina Solar.
What is the average cost of solar panels UK?

Average installation costs are in the range of $6000-15000.

How many solar panels do I need for a 3 bedroom house UK?

You will need a panel with an average production capacity of 10 KW.

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