Google Releases October 2023 Spam Update

Google released the 2023 October Spam update on October 4, 2023. Google, which previously released the August 2023 algorithm update and the helpful content update, has now released a new update that will affect search rankings. You can find information about what was taken into account in the update published in August and how the rankings were affected on our 2023 August algorithm update page. In this content, information will be given about which sites the October 2023 Spam update will affect and what to do and what not to do in this process.

October 2023 Spam Update

You can access the full statement made by Google on October 4, 2023, on the October 2023 Spam Update page. According to the statement made by Google, my opinions about the spam update are as follows;

  • Google announced that it will make changes to its spam detection system with this update. With this update to the system, it will be possible to block and ban sites that quickly rank on the first page with backlinks.
  • The update will primarily cover Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindi and Indonesian languages. In countries where these languages are spoken, almost the entire first page of Google is occupied by spam sites. For this reason, Google will give priority to these languages first, but the update will also cover other languages.
  • According to the statement, it will take a few weeks to complete the update. Major Google algorithm updates usually take two weeks. The 2023 October Spam Update will most likely be completed within two weeks.
  • The update aims to reduce spam in search results and completely remove and ban automatically generated sites from the rankings.

What should we do?

As with every algorithm update, I do not recommend making any changes to your website before this update is completely completed. This update is for spam websites. Therefore, I do not think that other websites will be negatively affected by this update in rankings.


  • If your website content is completely automatically generated,
  • If you have risen quickly in search engine rankings with unnatural SEO efforts,
  • If you have done spam backlink work to your site,
  • If you have received backlinks to your website from sources that automatically generate backlinks, I am sorry, but your site will most likely be spammed and may disappear from the rankings completely.

In the previous helpful content update and other major algorithm updates, websites that created content with artificial intelligence tools such as Chatgpt completely disappeared from the search rankings. For this reason, I recommend that you do not create your website content with automatic content creation tools such as artificial intelligence. In addition, although unnatural backlink work may benefit the site in the short term, I do not recommend doing such work as it may cause your site to completely disappear from the rankings after a major update.

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What is Google spam update?

Spam update is an update launched to combat spam websites. This update aims to remove top-ranking sites with unnatural SEO and backlink work from serp.

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