Google Core Update October 2023 & Tips

Google released its 2 major algorithm update in October 2023. Google, which released the “Google spam update 2023” on October 4, 2023, announced that it also launched the Google October core update one day later, on October 5, 2023.

Below I leave the links to the two most recently published algorithm updates. You can visit my relevant pages for information about the Aug 2023 core update and the Google spam update October 2023 published on October 04, 2023. In the rest of the content, information will be given about the October 2023 major algorithm update.

Google algorithm update October 2023

The Google Core Update October 2023 update was announced on October 5, 2023. As with other major updates, we expect this update to take approximately 2 weeks. While Google makes small algorithm updates regarding rankings every day, major algorithm updates are made several times a year and rankings can change significantly as a result of these updates.

In the first days of major algorithm updates, your website’s ranking may decrease significantly, but sometimes it may increase significantly. When we look at old updates, we can see that there are usually big fluctuations in the rankings in the first few days after the update is released. The same will happen in this update. For this reason, I do not recommend making any changes to your site before the update is completely completed.

While some sites may be positively affected by these updates, some may be negatively affected. This does not mean that your site is very good or bad. Do not make any changes to your site before the update is completely completed, as any major changes you make in ranking drops will not have an effect in the short term.

Oct Google algorythim update (My first impressions)

Google launched the October spam update and major algorithm update together. Therefore, I can say that the main purpose of both updates will be to fight spam. Because there are spam pages in search results in many languages. This situation may also result in criminal sanctions for Google. Results of illegal sites appear in the search results of languages such as Chinese, Turkish and Hindi. This situation causes Google to have problems with the relevant countries.

With both updates;

  • Websites that are automatically created by artificial intelligence systems but are not useful to the user are removed from the search results one by one.
  • As a result of the detection I made on some of my customers’ sites, I saw that the rankings of sites with spam backlink profiles decreased or disappeared completely with the update. Especially the sites of my customers who received backlinks through automatic backlink sources have completely disappeared from the rankings.
  • The impressions in the search results of my customers who create content with Chatgpt or similar artificial intelligence systems have decreased to zero. With both the spam update and the October algorithm update, Google heavily penalized websites that create content, especially with artificial intelligence tools.
  • Google measures user experience with Core Web Vitals metrics. As we all know, Core Web Vitals metrics now directly affect ranking. With the October update, there were great increases in the rankings of my customers who had good Core Web Vitals data and did not spam their site content. You can check out tips on how to optimize your site on our Core web vitals page.

To summarize briefly, both updates aim to combat spam. The aim is to fight against content produced by copy and paste, sites that are not useful to the user but promoted with backlinks, and sites that manipulate search results. As long as you do the right things, be original, and most importantly, be natural, your website will continue on its way without being affected by major algorithm updates. If your site has fallen in the rankings, we can examine your site and determine a road map together. Just write me on Whatsapp.

How often are Google core updates?

It is usually published twice a year.

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