Google Core Update March 2024 Released & New Spam Broad Algorithm

Google Core Update March 2024 was announced. Google announced that a new algorithm update has started as of March 05, 2024. The last update was made in October 2023, and this update caused many websites to be negatively affected. You can access the relevant algorithm update by visiting our Google Core Update October 2023 page. In this content, you will be informed about how many days the “Google algorithm update March 2024” update will take, what it will affect, and what you need to do during the “Google March 2024 Core Update”.

March 2024 core update

March 2024 broad core update was relaased on March 05. As with other updates, the “March core update 2024″ update is expected to take an average of 2 weeks. The regulations that the “Google update March 2024” update will include were announced by Google as follows.

As with every update, the aim of the “Google March core update” is to combat spam content. According to the statement made by Google, at the end of this update, 40% of spam content that is not useful to the user will be removed from search results.

Google broad core update 2024 also includes a spam update. This means that both the core update and the spam update will be applied at the same time. In this context, content and websites that are not useful to the user will be removed from the search results or will drop in the rankings. In addition to these two updates, other measures will taken according to the statement made by Google will be as follows.

1.Manipulation with expired domains

One of the targets with the March 2024 Google Core update is expired domains. Purchasing expired quality domains, creating and republishing content with AI, and creating a backlink network from these sites has been an SEO tactic that has been used for years and is actually successful. However, Google announced that precautions will be taken in this regard with the “March 2024 Google update”.

I don’t know what action Google will take in this regard, but it seems that purchasing expired domains and using them in backlink work will be perceived as a spam tactic.

2.Scaled content abuse

Scaled content abuse is defined as the use of content that offers little or no value to the user to manipulate search results. In this method, the content is usually not original and does not offer any value to the user. With the “Google algorithm update 2024 March”, Google will work on detecting such content and penalizing websites that use such content.

This means:

  • Content created automatically by artificial intelligence or automation will be perceived as spam.
  • Content created solely for ranking purposes will be perceived as spam, regardless of whether it is written by humans or artificial intelligence. This situation leads me to ask the question? Will producing large content of 1000-2000 words be considered spam? In this case, will it be necessary to produce single and short content for each question? Is this content that is useful to the user according to Google? I’m not sure unfortunately.

For detailed information, you can visit the “Google launches 2024 March update” page.

Do you need to do anything regarding the Google March 2024 broad core update?

Google March core update 2024 will take approximately 2 weeks. I also expect the spam update to take 1 month. In this process, continue to do what you always do in the “Google core algorithm update March 2024” update, as in other basic updates.

  • Do not make major changes to your website.
  • Whether you are affected by the update, good or bad, does not mean that your website is good or bad.
  • Keep doing the things you’ve always done. Produce quality, short content.
  • Broad content is not as effective as it used to be. Useful and short content for the user is now more useful.

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