Google Adsense Requirements 2024 & Get Adsense Approval in One Day

Google Adsense is among the best freelancing methods that allow website owners and YouTube channel owners to earn passive income. We can say that Google Adsense is the best way to make money with your website or YouTube and there is not much alternative. For this reason, it is not that easy to get Adsense website approval for our website or YouTube channel. Google Adsense requirements are required for Google Adsense approval.

If you are looking for a guide on how to get google adsense approval, you can find all the information in this content. To date, I have received hundreds of approvals for my websites using these Google Adsense approval requirements methods. If you do these, you can get approval within 24 hours at the latest.Let’s start.

How to create a website for Google Adsense?

I have previously provided a step-by-step guide on how to open a website for Adsense in my content titled How to Make Money With Google Adsense. In my relevant content, I gave all the information about how you can create a website for Adsense, where you should start and all the information on the subject. You can find all the details about the subject by visiting the relevant content. Information about the approve Google Adsense process will be given in the rest of this content.

How to get Adsense approval?

In order to receive Google Adsense approval, you must create a website that complies with the policies. I would like to remind you that if you do not open a website that complies with Google Adsense policies, you will not be able to receive approval. You can never fool Google. Remember this and create your website content accordingly. Here are the Requirements for Adsense approval you need.

1.Google Adsense requirements for website

I have listed below the requirements for google Adsense Approval for your website. Do not submit your website for Google Adsense approval without making sure that you meet all these Google Adsense website requirements.

1.Written contents
( Minimum content requirements Google Adsense)
The most important and indispensable condition that Google Adsense looks for for content is that the content is absolutely original. You definitely cannot get approval with copy-paste content. In addition, since content created with artificial intelligence is also considered spam content, you cannot receive approval for the content you write with artificial intelligence. Your content must be original, at least 500 words or more, and comprehensive.
2.Visual contentsI recommend that you use at least 2 images in your content. You can increase the number of your images depending on the length of your article. Your images must be original, their visual descriptions and alt tags must also be original, and most importantly, they must be relevant to the subject. If you enrich your content with visuals, you will not get rejected due to poor content. I recommend using images in webp format.
3.VideosI recommend that you use at least one video related to your topic in your content. It would be better if you can make your video yourself. If you cannot do it yourself, you can also add a video on the subject on YouTube. I do it this way and there is no problem. Videos ensure that your content is considered rich content and speeds up the approval process.
4.Total number of content and indexesI am not in a hurry to send my websites for approval. I enter at least 50-60 pieces of content before the approval process. I write my content at least 1000 words. I also use at least 2 images and at least 1 YouTube video in my content. Also, I never send my site for approval unless my index in Google is at least 50. I recommend this to you too.
5.Add your site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics.In my opinion, adding your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console speeds up the approval process. Because you verify your site on Google before Google Adsense approval. Therefore, I recommend that you add your site to the relevant tools before submitting it for approval for Adsense.
6.Use a simple and fast theme for approval ( Critical for Adsense approval method)Google doesn’t like complexity. Therefore, the simpler and lighter the code structure of your site, the faster it will be for Google bots to crawl and understand your site. I use the Generatepress theme in my projects. The free version will be sufficient for approval.
7.Fix bugs on your siteBefore submitting your site for approval, check it with tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs. If there are any 404 errors or broken links, fix them. After fixing any other errors detected during the crawl, send your site for approval. I have seen that most of the sites that were rejected due to poor content had a 404 error. Once I fixed these, I was able to get approval.
8. Create the necessary pages Create a contact page, Cookie Policy and About Us pages on your website. Prepare the content of these pages yourself. Do not use ready-made policies. Also install a plugin for cookie notifications.
9. Use a verified email addressFor confirmation, use a phone and e-mail verified e-mail address. It is important that the e-mail is not new. It is important that you use an old e-mail address that you use yourself and has not been used for Adsense approval before.
10.Domain duration and website establishment timeThe duration of purchase of the domain and the installation time of the site are among the important issues for approval. In the past, Adsense did not approve sites that had not been open for more than 6 months. There is no such requirement at the moment, but I think the appropriate period is 3 months. I recommend that you submit your application at least 3 months after the installation of your site and after meeting the above conditions.
11.Organic trafficOrganic traffic is not a requirement for approval. However, if the website receives organic traffic, it speeds up the approval process considerably. Your site can receive approval within 24 hours at the latest, provided that there are constantly organic visitors on the site and the other conditions above are met.
12.Your content must comply with Google Adsense policiesGoogle Adsense does not approve every content. Therefore, your site content must comply with Adsense policy rules and not be misleading. You can find detailed information on the subject on the Google Adsense Policies page.

2.Youtube Adsense requirements

Approval conditions for Youtube Adsense are different from those for website adsense. I previously gave information about the Google AdSense requirements YouTube in my content titled How to Make Money on Youtube. You can find all the information about how to get approval for Youtube Adsense by visiting my relevant page.

How to add my website to Adsense?

After meeting all the website monetization requirements I mentioned above, you can now add your site to Google Adsense. To add the website to Google Adsense, follow the steps below;

  • First of all, log in to the Adsense home page with your gmail address: sign up for Google Adsense.
  • After logging in, continue by clicking on the “Create a new AdSense account” tab.
  • Paste your website address in the “Your Site” section.
  • In the “country/region from which you receive payments“, select the country you want to receive payments from.
  • Once you approve the terms/terms, Adsense will give you a code to place on your site. Place this Google Adsense code on one of the most trafficked pages on your site or between the <head> and </head> tags.

Adsense specialist

In my content, I tried to convey everything I know and my experiences about how to monetize your website with Google Adsense. If you cannot get Google Adsense approval for your website and you need an expert, just write to me on Whatsapp.

Website with Google Adsense

If you are not familiar with How to monetize blogger with Adsense, if you want a ready-made website, I can provide it for you. We will open a website for you on a niche topic that we will determine together. I will provide you paid support until you receive Google Adsense approval. Also, if you wish, I can deliver your website with Adsense approval. Currently, there are Adsense approved websites in my portfolio that are ready for Adsense approval. If you wish, I can sell you one of these. For this, just write me on Whatsapp.

Best website for Google Adsense

Many of my readers ask me questions about website for Adsense approval. There is no website where you can get Adsense approval for your site. Some people who provide this service can get approval with a different content by redirecting domain ns. However, this can cause negative results and loss of rankings in terms of SEO

Google Adsense tester

There is no website where you can test whether your site complies with Google Adsense requirements. Google search engine collects data from hundreds of thousands of pages every day and stores them in its database. I don’t think there is any testing site that can do this. Therefore, compare it with the checklist above and decide for yourself whether your site meets the requirements for Adsense.

What is minimum content requirement for Google Adsense?

In this regard, most people say that at least 500 words and at least 30 pieces of content will be sufficient. However, in my opinion, this is insufficient. I do not request approval for my sites without at least 1000 words and 50 content.

Is it hard to get Adsense approval?

No, it’s not difficult as long as you do the right things. You can get approved the first time.

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