E Commerce: Meaning, How To, Where to Start, Profitable Products

E commerce is one of the most popular businesses today. Now, most businesses sell in online e commerce platforms and are somehow involved in e commerce business life. I also had some e-commerce experience. For this reason, I wanted to prepare this guide for those who want to start e-commerce or who are already doing this business and want to improve it. In the continuation of the content, you can find all the details about what e-commerce is, how and where to start, profitable products you can sell in e-commerce.

What is e commerce?

Many definitions of e-commerce can be made. I would like to briefly e-commerce definition as follows: It can be defined as the process involving the sale of a product or service in online marketplaces, E-commerce website or social media.

How to do e-commerce, where should i start?

There are many ways to do e-commerce. Based on my experience, I suggest you do the following and follow these steps before you start.

1-Find the right and niche product

If you want to start e-commerce, you must find the right product(s). The product you want to sell must be competitive and most importantly, it must have a certain sales potential. If you do not start e-commerce with the right product, you will finish the job before long.

For this reason, you should focus on products that are defined as niches, that is, in a certain area, and you should sell them. Niche products can be defined as sales made in a certain area and made by fewer sellers. If you are looking for a niche product, write me in the comments section and I will send you niche products that you can sell.

2-Perform competitor analysis

One of the most important things you should do before starting e-commerce is competitor analysis. Look at the sales prices, general profiles of the sellers selling the product you want to sell. Will the prices you sell be competitive with your competitors? What can you offer buyers differently? You need to research them and set a goal for yourself accordingly.

3- Make your supplier connection

Negotiate with the right suppliers for the products you want to sell. When making a supplier agreement, make sure that it is reliable, the price it offers allows you to compete, and most importantly, it can supply this product continuously. When getting a price, get it from many suppliers, not just one supplier.

4- Have your own product produced

If the products you want to sell are producible products, it would be better to have them produced by agreement with the manufacturer instead of buying them ready-made from the market. Thus, you start selling at a more competitive cost.

5-Make deals with shipping companies

One of the most important processes for the delivery of the product to the buyer is the cargo. The fact that your cargo company is fast and reliable will also positively affect your seller profile. For this reason, when making a cargo agreement, look at the delivery times of the cargo company along with the price, and most importantly, the value in the eyes of the customers.

6-You can take the first step for sales on social media

For this, there is usually no obligation to be a taxpayer and you can sell on social media without opening a tax registration or establishing a company at the beginning.Especially Instagram is one of the most suitable social media platforms to start selling online. You can log in to e-commerce with Instagram, which is visited by millions of people every day.

7-You can start with Dropshippping

In my opinion, the first step to start e-commerce is Dropshipping. If you do not have any previous E-commerce experience and want to be involved in E-commerce in some way, I suggest you take the first step with dropshipping. This system has many advantages, but I must point out that there are also disadvantages. The advantage is that it does not require capital, the whole process is managed by the vendor. All you have to do is find a good Dropshipping company and start selling by uploading products to social media, E-commerce marketplaces or your own website.

8- Open a store in virtual marketplaces

You can take the first step to e-commerce with social media or Dropshipping. Another option is virtual marketplaces. You can start selling by opening your store in the largest virtual marketplaces of the country you want to sell. However, I can say that the commission rates in virtual marketplaces are high. This feature can be stated as a disadvantage.

9-Build your own brand

Branding is one of the most important steps in E-Commerce. People trust the brands they know and give priority to the brands in their purchases. For this reason, creating your own brand, increasing the awareness of the brand and most importantly creating a reliable brand impression are among the most important processes.

10- Send small gifts to your customers

Send small gifts to your customers along with the products you sell. This is a sales policy that increases positive comments and returns about your company. You can also add small notes inside the package.

Best selling products in e-commerce

The best-selling products in e-commerce are already competitive products. It would make more sense to find and sell a niche product among the best-selling products. Here are the categories with the most sales in e-commerce;

  • Personal care products,
  • Cat/dog care products,
  • Cat/dog food,
  • Mobile phone,
  • Mobile phone accessories,
  • Decoration products,
  • Practical kitchen products,
  • Auto accessories,
  • Auto care products,
  • Computer,
  • Computer supplies,
  • Stationery products,
  • Book,
  • Gift products,

E-commerce course

If you want to take steps towards e-commerce, you need to learn the basic information in this field. Paid courses, especially on Udemy, are very efficient. By choosing one of these courses, you can enter E-commerce in a more equipped way.

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