Amazon Fba Definition, Business Meaning, What is It?

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular ways to sell online. This system offers several advantages to the seller. With Amazon guarantee, one of the biggest sellers in the world, you can start selling by using the fba Amazon system. In the continuation of the content, you can find answers to all your questions about the subject, such as what is Amazon fba business and how to sell on Amazon fba.

What is Amazon fba?

FBA meaning is: It consists of the initials of the words Fulfillment by Amazon. As the name suggests, the entire process here is handled by Amazon. We can define it as a service where all processes such as stock, shipping, order tracking, answering customer questions and troubleshooting are carried out by Amazon.

How does Amazon fba work?

Actually, Amazon fba program operation is simple. In simple terms, the operation of the system is as follows;

  • First, You should open a seller account on Amazon.
  • After the Amazon seller account is opened, the products to be sold are packaged in accordance with Amazon’s policies and shipped to Amazon warehouses.
  • Products are entered and product descriptions, images and all necessary information are entered.
  • After this process, the shipping of all the products you sell and the after-sales process are followed by Amazon.
  • After this process, all you have to do is follow your stocks and send new ones when the stocks are low.

How to start Amazon fba?

If you want to start this business and are looking for the answer to the question of how to start an Amazon fba business, my advice to you is to get training on this subject first. If you do not get a good education before starting the job, you may have difficulties at the beginning of the job. You can also get consultancy services from professional consultancy companies, but I do not recommend it. There are many Amazon FBA tutorials on the Udemy platform. Buy a few of these and complete the tutorial carefully. After obtaining all the necessary information about the system, what you should do step by step should be as follows.

1.Decide on the country you want to sell to

One of the biggest advantages of the Amazon FBA system is the ability to sell in different countries. First, select the country you want to sell to. When choosing, look at the competition status of the categories and products you want to sell, and how much they are sold on Amazon.

2.Open Amazon fba seller account

After deciding on the country you want to sell, open an Amazon fba selling account as the second step. You can open a seller account here: Sign up Amazon Seller Account. When applying for an account, do not forget to log in to your account with the “Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)” option.

3.Identify the products you want to sell

This is the most important step. If you can’t start with right products and the right category, your chances of sales will be low. When choosing a sales category or product, you should choose niche products where the competition is low and the number of sellers is not high. You should also do a good cost analysis. You should make sure that your product sales price covers all your expenses.

4.Prepare your products for shipping to Amazon warehouses

After you prepare your products, you should package them for shipment to Amazon warehouses. When preparing products, you must use the correct labels and package in accordance with Amazon packaging policies.

5.Send your products to Amazon warehouses

After completing the labeling and packaging process of the products, send your products to Amazon warehouses. Your products are stocked in the section reserved for you in Amazon warehouses and when you receive an order, they are sent to the customer from the stocks there.

6.List your products on Amazon

After your products reach Amazon warehouses, enter your Amazon Seller account and enter your products. Enter all the details about the products, such as barcodes, product descriptions, photos and videos when entering products.

7.Track your stocks

You can track your stocks from your Amazon Seller account. Here, you can take the necessary measures for the products that are decreasing in stocks by following the stock on a daily basis.

8.You can use Amazon ads to increase your sales

In the beginning, you can use the Amazon ADS system to increase sales until you reach a certain customer base. With this system, your products appear at the top and are displayed more. This increases your sales.

Best products to sell on Amazon fba

Competing on Amazon is harder than in the past. For this reason, it is important to find the right products and start selling with the right products. Generally, newly released, trending products and products that can be defined as niche are among the products that you can easily sell on Amazon. You can select niche products from the following categories for sale on Amazon. Niche products are products where the number of sellers is relatively low and the competition is low. The category and product recommendation I can offer you will be as follows;

  • Personal care products: It is one of the most sold categories of e-commerce. In this category, you can sell collagen, anti-aging creams, skin care products, vitamins for facial care on Amazon.
  • Technology: The main products that can be sold in the technology category are smart watches and wristbands, headphones, drones and computer parts.
  • Mobile phone accessories: Mobile phone cases, protective glasses are the products you can sell in this category.
  • Auto accessories: Car accessories are among the categories with the highest sales in e-commerce. In this category, in-car cup holders, phone holders, mats and tire care products are the products you can sell.
  • Pet care category: Almost one in every two people has a pet at home. This allows this category to gain a high sales in e-commerce. Trending products you can sell in this category: food bowls, tools for nail care, play sets, cat and dog houses.
  • Practical kitchen utensils:

Where to buy products to sell on Amazon fba?

Housewives prefer practical products that will make their work easier in the kitchen. Hand blenders, practical vacuum cleaners, baking papers, wooden spoon holders, sticky towel holders are among the products we can count as trends.

Fba revenue calculator

You can make Amazon earnings calculate with Amazon fba calculator provided by Amazon. To calculate, simply visit the page here: FBA fee calculator.

Amazon fba coach

If you would like a startup consultant on the Amazon FBA system, I can help you. It will be enough to write me on Whatsapp.I can personally answer your questions about the subject online. If you wish, you can access the best trainers or consultants in your area by searching the internet and get service from them.

Amazon fba course

There are many quality tutorials on Udemy about FBA Amazon. You can buy these trainings by registering an account on Udemy and thus take a step towards selling with FBA. You can log in to the UDEMY page and become an member and check out the best trainings.

is Amazon fba worth it?

If you choose the right product in the Amazon FBA system, you can make very serious turnovers. But I can say that it is not as easy as described in the trainings. If you do not choose the right product and make the necessary adjustments to your Amazon account, it can be a complete disappointment for you. One of the most important elements of being successful in a subject is to have enough knowledge about it. For this reason, I would not recommend you to start selling with this system without having full knowledge of it.

Amazon fba for beginners

The Amazon FBA system may not be the right choice for beginners. Although the system is not very complex, I do not think it can be a suitable system for beginners. If you have an e-commerce dream, I recommend you first start selling with simpler sales methods such as Dropshipping. But if you say that I will definitely try the FBA system, then you may need to buy many trainings and watch many videos on Youtube before you start.

Alibaba to Amazon fba

Alibaba is among the world’s largest online wholesale sites. You can sell the products you will buy or have produced from Alibaba on Amazon. However, if you intend to sell on Amazon with FBA, you must ship the products you buy from Alibaba to your own address, prepare the packaging in accordance with Amazon FBA policies and send them to Amazon warehouses.

Amazon fba vs dropshipping

I prepared a tabular comparison of Amazon FBA and Dropshipping system for you.

Amazon FBADropshipping
You do the stock managementStock is out of your control
It is more competitive.Competing on prices is a little harder
You pay storage rent.There are no expenses
The entire shipping process of the product is managed by Amazon.Shipping is done by the seller. However, you have to follow the cargo and meet the demands of the customers in this regard.
After-sales returns and the entire process are managed by Amazon.One of the biggest disadvantages of the system is that returns come to you. You also have to deal with after-sales customer issues yourself.

Amazon fba wholesale

In order to start selling advantageously on Amazon FBA, it is necessary to start with the right products, and most importantly, with the right costs. For this reason, you need to do wholesaler research and pay attention to the price and quality analysis of the product you will sell. You can get offers from wholesalers around you or online wholesaler sites such as Alibaba regarding the categories and products you have decided to sell.

Is Amazon FBA really profitable?

Yes, it is an online selling option where you can really make money if you start selling with the right products.

How much does it cost to start a Amazon FBA?

The capital you need to set aside to get started is up to you. I suggest you start with small sales first. If there is a sale, you can allocate more capital and start growing your business.

What is the concept of FBA?

As I explained in the amazon fba meaning section, this system is a system in which the sales and stock process is completely managed by Amazon.

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