About me

Hello. I’m Mehmet K. I’m a SEO expert. I have been dealing with SEO for about 10 years. I opened my website https://www.seotable.net/ to convey my SEO experience and help those who are interested in SEO.

My adventure of making money online started with article writing. In 2013, I earned my first online income as an article writer. Then I opened my first website in 2014. At that time, my SEO and technical knowledge was almost zero. I researched a lot, bought a lot of training, watched a lot of videos and finally i made it. Now SEO expertise has become a full-time job for me, not a side job.

Making money online is a really difficult process. With SEO, this is possible. If you really learn these things, you can earn a lot of money. I didn’t get much support from anyone during this process. That’s why I decided to open this site for those who want to make money with SEO or other online monetization methods.

I always believe: “Everything you have studied in life will come in handy for you one day”. I have benefited greatly from the training I have received and the research ı have done. It is one of my biggest goals to share my experiences with you and make sure you benefit from them.

On my website, I share all my experiences, which I have tried, earned money, and experienced as a result of long research, in separate contents as a guide. If you want to make money online from the internet, my website will be your guide. You can be sure of that. Hope you have a good time.

If you have any questions about the content, you can ask me in the comment section under the content. If you want to get SEO service, you can write to me on Whatsapp at any time.

I wish you healthy days.